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Do you ever... Lock Rss

Do you ever type up a reply only to delete and move on because you think that speaking your mind is really just not worth it??

I have done it lots latley. One day i will just let loose and tell people what i really think! LOL it will be they day i am either deleted or leave i think! lol
I often type a reply and then read it and think that it just sounds like it might offend even though that's not how it's intended. So I often delete a typed reply and just move on. gasp)
Glad im not the only one! Ive lost count of the amount of times iv done this in the past!
All the time!!! Then as above I think it a) may offend or b) I would look like a tool haha.

Btw did you get your parcel smile

hah i used to do it heaps now i dont come on as much and just have a browse dont often get involved these days.the day i leave ill prob b tempted to let loose too haha

I have a couple of times.

I hate more, when you do type up a reply, that is meant to be telling it how it is, and it goes un noticed! lol

3 Little Ones to Love.....

i dont do it a great deal, i usually say what i think lol!!!

Posted by: .::Natty::.

Btw did you get your parcel smile

I did thanks!! I started a thread for you just now!
Indeed I do and it seems to be more often than not. I usually dont post a reply because either I know my reply will start a sh !t fight or I will offend/upset the original poster. I really couldnt be bothered having a slanging match with members over differences of opinion. Although sometimes I kick myself I didnt have the guts to just say what I think.
Yes, I do. I often do, actually.

this forum has a few people who think it is their duty to demean others, which is disgusting and downright rude. Sometimes I think of replying to said members but after seeing what they do to people to go up against them, I refrain.

Hopefully the Moderators will finally see that people are using the REPORT button and do something about it.

I thought this was supposed to be place for support and not for criticism. I wish others didn't take it upon themselves to "teach" others how to parent their way.
No but I'll often type up a reply then delete it cos it looks like I'm copying what someone else has said. Sometimes there are only so many answers you can give to one question.
Yep, all the time.
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