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Update on Jen Rss

For those wondering how Jen is getting on, i just received a text message from her with an update.....

She has been sent home, she has started dilating and is having contractions some she feels some she doesn't.. She has to go back in the morning at 730am to have her waters broken and have the drip if need be..

So there you go, bub is still not here.....

whats jens user name?
i didnt even realise she was on here anymore. i've probably been talking to her without even knowing it lol
Emma its Lil*Man07_Lil*Bump09 now!!

well there you go lol i had no idea!
i was going to pm you asking who she was too. lol

but yes i remember her saying she was pregnant. go jen

Thanks for the update I cant believe the stubborn little bubba still isnt here poor Jen hopefully things progress for her and she doesnt have to wait too much longer. I have been watching facebook waiting for an update lol
is this jen jen who had all the dramas way back when???? if so HOLY SHIT that pregnancy went fast!!!!!!!!

good luck jen.
Yes its Jen Jen and it certainly has gone fast. Probably for us anyway im sure it hasnt gone fast enough for her though lol
I knew I would likely find something on here. Any more news yet, I have checked facebook sooo many times and there is nothing.

Anyway I just came out of my hole to see if there was any news on Jen.

was Bubbagirlsmama

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