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What can I make with leftover roast lamb? Lock Rss

Had a huge roast lamb yesterday..... have heaps left - anyone got any ideas what to make with it for tea tomorrow night?

Shepherds Pie is the obvious one. Really super-duper easy.

Shred/dice the lamb. Make some gravy (or use the leftover from the roast). Mix the lamb and the gravy, put in a casserole dish. Top with mashed potato. Bake until mashed potato is going golden and crispy. Serve with vegies.

I always do lots of extra veg with my roasts and then make up a casserole with all the leftovers - potatoes, pumpkin, corn, carrots, beans, whatever roast meat we had all cut up into rough chunks and then pour gravy over the top. I just sit it in the oven for 30-45 min and its all cooked and good to go.

We'll be having a lamb roast casserole for dinner tomorrow night actually lol.

[Edited on 21/09/2009]
When i have leftover lamb or beef i usually shred in a food prcessor, make some gravy and make some individual pies and freeze them for lunches.

We do Souvlaki. bazaar greek yiros wraps warmed in frypan, fry up lamb, spread tzatziki dip on wraps, top with lamb lettuce, tomatoes, onion, grated cheese if you like, hot chilli sauce it you like! you get the picture!
good old lamb and gravy rolls.


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