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I just got a letter from my DDs kinder that shes going to next year. Its says i have to return the form signed and with a deposit to confirm her position and then the rest of term 1 fees will be paid at the Information Night, but it doesnt say how much the fees are. Ill ring them tomorow but does anyone have a rough idea how much kinder fees are in Vic?

Kaylas 3 and a half gowing up too fast

Depends if it is 3 or 4 year old kinder? My DD goes to 3 year old kinder this year she does two sessions a week and it is $230 a term. I think 4 year old is around $180 a term, but if you have a concession card 4 year old does not cost anything. We are in Vic.
hmmmm ok thanks for that, its 4 year old kinder and i do have a health care card, if i didnt id have to pay a $100 deposit but coz i do its only $50 does that mean i wont have to pay fees at all??

Kaylas 3 and a half gowing up too fast

I have a concession card also and still had to pay the placement fee, but the letter I got said I need to bring my concession card to the information night as this is when first term fees are due and then no payment should be required.
Hi i'm in Vic and my letter for next year says the fee for 4yo kindy was $1095 for 15 hours this year, or $730 for 10 hours. It says health care crad holders receive a subsidy of $731. Hope that gives you some idea, assuming its a standard statewide thing!?


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