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Hi All,

My DD is almost 1 and I have started to research kindergartens as some have a long waiting list and I would like to keep my options open.

My question for you is:

Some kinders offer a short ( 6 hours per week ) and long (9 hours per week ) option. Both options run 3 hours per day for either 2 or 3 days per week. I know each child is different but how many hours did you find best for your 3 year olds?
My DD goes to 3 year old kinder - she is there as I type!
She goes for 3 hours only one day a week. I work 2 days a week and I thought 3 days out of the house at her age is probably enough. She goes to my mums when i am at work and they catch up with cousins etc so she gets that extra time to interact with other children.
If I didnt work I would have probably enrolled her for the extra day to make it 6 hours per week.
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My DD goes to 3 year old kinder, she does 2 sessions a weeks both run for 2 hours. I find this suits us well, we had a choice of one or both sessions.
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