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(It's a long one!)

My sister is planning a trip to Fiji with her 3 girls in January. Then mum and dad said they would go too, so she asked us if we wanted to go. We pretty much had 3 days to make the decision due to bookings, airfaires etc. So DH and I talked and talked and talked about it and we eventually said no. Now I am feeling regret.

The main reason for saying no was the money factor. We have the money in our savings account but it has only recently built up to a nice number, and we're not sure we want to spend it. But then we think well, why not? We saved the money we should reward ourselves. We've never really travelled before. Sure, there will be more opportunities but not with my whole family.

And then the jealousy factor comes in. My mum sees my sisters' kids every day, she sees mine once every few months because we don't live in the same town. So if they were to all go on a holiday, my kids would be missing out again.

I've recently decided that I am going back to work. If I can't get something I really want within a month I will work wherever the money is. That will help the savings build back up but I haven't got a job yet, so we have to think as though the money won't be coming in.

What would you do? I really don't want to regret our decision either way. But I really need a holiday!

I would go! I would go and book today and go. You will have an absolute lovely time with all your family.

You, DH and your girls will have so much fun in Fiji, its a great place for a family holiday and it doesn't have to be expensive.

Most resorts, their price includes accommodation and breakfast.

You can do as much or as little as you like on a holiday like that, but you will still get to be with your mum and sister too. Like you said, you probably won't get an opporunity like that again with all your family.

If you are planning on going back to work, then that will help with extra savings, sometimes this is what savings are for.
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The package that we are looking at is t a 5 star resort and includes ALL meals. It's so so tempting. Stay 4 nights and get 3 free because it's a group booking.

I think I'm really decided now, but now I have to try to convince DH, he was really swaying on the 'no' side when I last talked to him.
I would go!! I love Fiji - its beautiful and the locals are so lovely. It wouldnt be that much. It sounds like a great deal especially with all the food (cos that can add up quickly).

Hope you can convince DH:)

OMGosh, thats a great deal to have all meals included and 3 free nights.

One tip if you do go, is go to the closest main town and buy snacks and bottled water etc, because that stuff is expensive in resorts. You are also allowed to take snacks with you from Australia.

Convince him? Easy, send him pictures, loads of pictures of the beach, the pools, the bars, the activities, the sunsets!

I love Fiji, its a place for everyone, most resorts also have kids club which is heaps of fun and you can have a day or so with just your DH. Babysitters too at night are great, put the kids to bed, the babysitters watch them, and you go have a nice a night.

was Bubbagirlsmama

YAY YAY YAY WE ARE GOING!!!!!!!!!! WOO HOO. Now I feel better and like we have made the right decision. DH didn't really need convincing.

Can't wait! Thanksfor your input!
Now I am jealous. Bet your mum and sister will be happy to hear the good news.

You will all have sooo much fun!

was Bubbagirlsmama

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