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*****HELP PLEASE*** Need a pram that will carry 3 children under 3 years old. / suggestions/tips welcome Rss

Hi i need some help in finding a pram that will carry 3 children and that is not to heavy as i am a small lady 5ft2 and under 50kg with back problems.

my 3 angels are aged ( i know we have been bussy smile

3yrs 2mths old-20kg gets tired walking and wants to sit in pram, also trys to run off when not in pram.
use harness when walking.

(11 months gap)

2yrs 3mths old-15kg will sit in a pram,will fall asleep.

6 month old- 6kg-will sit in pram- also use carry sling starting to get heavy when pushing a pram aswell.

***thinking of a phil and teds pram with a toddler seat and attach a skateboard if possible

thank you in advanced for comments...

Valco Twin Runabout with a toddler seat. It's easy to push, and the load is up to 25kgs each side.

Alternatively do the P&T with skateboard and toddler seat - although I'm not a fan of where the baby sits down behind the seat... just doesn't seem right.
contact the multiple births association they may have someone selling a triplet pram.I looked at an emmajlunga that was a double with 2 toddler seats but decided that the eldest would have to tough it out and walk!also looked at an older style triplet pram 3 in a row but was way too long, bulky and heavy. we had a tandem sometimes my elsest would just sit on the side of the back seat but that was not too good he soon learned to walk nicely.(no choice) when they were 'babies' the eldest was almost 2 and half when the youngest was born middle was 13 months and the new born.So I can certainly relate. It does get better in some aspects as they get older then its other things that are challenging, too many learning curves in this parenting game...
any way maybe a skate board thing is the best option

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

As an alternative to skateboards I have seen little bikes that attatch to prams as well, They're pretty cute, not sure how practical though

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

Have a look at ABC adventure buggy They are expensive but have a lot of variations from a single pram up to quads.

I have a single buggy with reclining toddler seat and love it. it's really easy to steer and the kids loike being on top as opposed to our phil and teds.

also you would not be able to have a skateboard attached to the phil and teds when in 2 toddler position(usually from when 2nd bub is 6 months) because the second seat would be where the skateboard would go

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thanks so far, my thought on the p&t pram where bub sits didnt realy like much.
wanted a pram that converts to a single pram when other two are old enough to walk as my dd will be in it the longest as there is nearly a 2 yr gap between my ds#2.
have a tanderm pram but bith the weight when the boys are in it and her in the carry sling it very hard to push and go around need a new pram that will last and glide easy without fuss

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