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Did anyone see the breast cancer article yesterday? Rss

It was in The Advertiser and I thought it was really interesting.

I'd always been confused as to how cancer can genetically run in families as they always said it starts with a defect in a normal cell which mutates into cancer. I always wondered how on earth someone will get cancer in their 30's and not their childhood from genetics if the cell started off as normal.

ANYWAY... they have found that in families that have a lot of cancer, in the dna there will be cells that do not behave normally. These cells are present in the body until such times as they mutate into cancer. So the cell was never normal to start with. This means that in the future they will be able to detect whether a woman may get cancer BEFORE she actually gets cancer. So people that have breast cancer in their genetics will be able to get regular testing and may avoid it all together.

I just felt pleased about this as it always seems to be bad news that's getting into the media, and here was a little story that brings hope.
[Edited on 05/08/2009]

Didn't see the article, but my family has the BRCA1 Gene deformity. I have the pathology slip to go get tested but haven't quite got the nerve to go through with it yet. I know if it is positive I have a 90% chance of getting breast cancer and roughly 60% chance of cervical cancer if I do nothing about it - scary stuff.
It might also bring you peace of mind to go get the test done. smile

My best wishes for you.. I hope that these advances in technology will benefit you!

Waaayyyyyy back in the day when I did my BAppSci.... and just in brief, we learnt that cells need a certain number of mutations to develop into cancer, and some people are born with more mutations to start with so need less "events" to trigger a skin cancer for example.

And I agree, if we know our start point we can be more careful, and hopefully prevent the issues arising and/or be more aware of our bodies and know to get checked out if something feels "off".
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