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if u were on a diet woud you eat this??? Rss

Friends came over n said that they didnt wanna go out for tea cos they are on a diet n would rather if they cooked something instead, as well as me make a salad.

So ive just been watching them making the food in my kitchen and this is what it is....

PASTA! ......... Not so bad you say????

Wanna know whats in it?????????

1 kg pasta
400mls of rich thickened cream (not low fat!)
a whole bottle of tomato puree sauce
vegetarian meat (not too sure how thats possible but ok!)
a small container of sliced black olives

and after it was put into an oven dish it was topped about 4cm high (not a word of a lie) with a mixture of mozzarella and tasty cheese!

Is it just me or is this bull5hit diet food?!

edited cos i cant spell for crap!
[Edited on 23/07/2009]
[Edited on 23/07/2009]
just for that you should get yourself a nice juicy t-bone and eat it in front of the vego's!

no when i am also on a diet... but a REAL one lol so its salad for me... and maybe 1 or 2 lamb meatballs!
Bahahahahahahaha!!! Best diet I've ever heard of
Take the olives out and yum yum! But I feel fat just reading it lol.. I'd eat that but I'm not on a diet!

OOOOH OOOOH! i forgot one more final ingreadient that was put in before the cheese went on....

tomato sauce!!!!

no not puree again, i mean actual TOMATO SAUCE! The one u use for sausage rolls, pies, hot dogs etc!

fkn ewwwwwww!!!!! why would u do that!?!?
what?? tomato sauce?? where did they get this 'diet recipe' from??
weight watchers maybe???

light n easy???

or perhaps... yes im sure of it....... it must be from.......

"Worlds Worst Dieters Anonymous!"

maybe they will sit down to a tub of lard for dessert?
uuuuuh NO! lol that for me is the ultimate guilty meal and think i would rather eat chips!!
Hmm two forkfuls for me please. Hehehe that sounds like the ultimate comfort food. A tad rich too.

I shared with DF and he pissed himslef laughing.

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

yeah, but you would have to swap the fake meat for real meat. And ommit the tomato sauce.

Hope they clean up the mess. I hate other people cooking in my kitchen. I get a bit territorial! Grrrrrrrrr
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