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Frustrated!!! Rss

I have lost 10.5kg in the past 10 weeks and now weigh 3kg less than I did before I fell pregnant with 7 month old DS (I was a comfortable size 16 pre DS). BUT I went shopping today as I have barely any clothes that fit properly and came home with nothing!!! I couldn't even squeeze into any size 16 jeans and came home feeling fat and depressed, really took the shine out of my weightloss. I know that my body shape has probably changed, but are sizes getting smaller?
It depends which shop you are shopping too..
Like in Target size I'm smaller than Kmart size ..weird I know..
10.5kg is a great weightloss don't be dissapointed..
Maybe try other shops..
Also when I buy jeans I go for strechy ones they much better fit..
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