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Just wondering if these would go with this dress?

[Edited on 06/07/2009]
you getting married and im the bridesmaid, right??


Thats laughable Mrs.

I will never get married ever again.

Its for a ball
thats the same dress my bridesmaids wore. but ours were multicoloured. lol that sounds bad but i cant discrib it haha.

those shoes would look nice with it.
OH yes they are fabulous together.
Absolutely. I looked at the dress first and thought the shoes should be silver.
Very nice.


Yes they go perfectly, but i think you should go with a nice bright blue dress smile]

I don't like purple LOL

re-reow, spunky!! It will look fabulous!!
I think they would look beautiful together, lovely dress. smile

Thanks everyone.

I fell in love with the shoes! LOL

Oh and K, Nope i already got it in "amethyst"
it would go perfectly Manda smile i want to see it on you too!!
my guess would be yes but i am the last person to comment on fashion! smile
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