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i went into curves and signed up! i start on wednesday. since i will be paying for it, i cant be lazy like i always am, i have to go! im excited.
i dont really have much weight to loose at all, its just replace the fat with muscles. im 58kg 161cm tall (or short lol) and BMI is 24.4 which is in the range it should be. and the only one (cant think of what they call it is 22.something. so i only need to go down 2%

(oops wrote 33.4 instead of 24.4
[Edited on 01/07/2009]
i was telling hubby how some of you ladies on here have done an amazing job loosing weight. and i am just so damn lazy and i feel guilty. see what huggies does to you, it makes you extercise!
its time for a life change for me to get out of this rut and feel good about myself.
Arms, bellies, bums and thighs.....
Arms, bellies, bums and thighs...
Bums and thighs........
29mins and then they say goodbye....

Arms bellies bums and thighs bums and thighs...

Sorry I had to get that out

Congrats on signing up! Can i ask how much it cost?


haha littlecohensmummy (that one is for contours hehe) i keep thinking off that add too.

its $99 to sign up. first 2 mths free (winter special) then $59 a mth, you can go 7 days a week if you want. 30min sessions. and they help you the whole way through
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