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Full time uni students Rss

Just have a few questions smile

How many days a week did you have to be at uni?
And how many days did you study?
Did you struggle with having young kids and studying?

I think i will be ok with Cohen. He already goes to daycare once a week usually so i will put him in 3 days next year and will do the same with Layla i guess. I feel guilty because she will still be quite young but i figure i should still get plenty of time with her.

If anyone has any advice to pass along, that would be awesome, thanks smile
I am doing fulltime but fully by distance education, so I dont physically have to go to uni.

They say fulltime is equivalent to 35hours per week.

I have been doing uni for 18 months now and have decided to defer next semester to take 6 months off, we have been really busy renovating, and we own our own business also which takes a lot of time.
I did find it hard with the kids, I did the first 12months with my DD home every day. I have only this semster put her into daycare 2 days a week, she was 2 and a half when she started. My son has been in preschool 2 days since he was 3.

Don't feel guilty, you are doing something for your family. Once you finish you will be in a fantastic position which will benefit your family. smile

Hamish & Harrison "together forever"

I am on campus 2 days per week, and have 2 days to study. I do at least a couple of hours uni stuff a night, be that printing off lecture notes,checking out links they give us, reading, research and writing essays etc
I CANNOT study with jas around, i just can;t concerntrate so i do it on my study days and nights, nothing gets donew on her days at home.
anything else you want to know?
I study full time via distance education. I have a 2.5 year old, a 1.5 year old and pregnant.

I send the kids to daycare 4 days a week as i find my course really full on ( Criminology and Criminal justice) plus i work part time.

At times i feel guilty leaving the kids, but i just have to tell myself its for our future. I think the hardest part was getting a set routine and being organised with house work, dinner's.

I keep a study schedule and a assignemtn exam schedule so i know exactly what im up to. And as soon as i get assignemnts i do a essay structure and research the topic.

Good luck
I was on campus 3 full days a week, sometimes 4 depending on lab classes ect. I studyed for approx 2 days a week as well. It was hard because Milly was only 12 months when i started, but i made sure that when i had a full week i made an extra effort to do someting on the weekend with her. The part that i found was the worst was my placements. Its hard doing a 10pm finish and then starting at 7am again the next morning because i didnt get to see her for 24 hours by the time i got home from work the next day!!
My first course was mainly 6-9pm with the odd day time lecture or prac (didn't finish that course).

The course I did complete was all daytime and it was pretty much 5 days a week until the last year or two (4 year course). Pretty much there most of the day. Some days only the 2nd half of the day and other days only the first half. Some days had a 2-3 hour gap in the middle which sucked cos it took me an hour each way to get home so I had to stay. Should have studied but.. well... you know LOL

P.S. I had no kids. Bugger doing full time uni with kids!! Hahahah. You'd really have to have them in daycare 5 days and study every spare minute during the day. we'll.. I would smile
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thanks for everyones replies. Its funny how different they vary isnt it.

I'll have to have a look to see if they have any info on how much i need to do per week.

I did read they only offer this course full-time so will just have to put up with it lol. It's something i really want to do and it will put us into a fantastic position once im done. Not to mention i'll get paid while i study during my 2nd year
Denae- your earlier post sent me searching.
I found a direct midwifery course near me... well an hour and a bit travelling.

EEEEK so want to do it next year!!

But i couldn't do full time. You're amazing!
Noooo do it!! You can do it smile It's about an hours away from me too. The train should go almost straight there though.. well i hope lol
Don't feel guilty at all. You are doing something incredible for yourself and your family, you should be really proud.

The only part that i found would be incredibly hard for my family is that you have to follow 40-50 pregnancies and births. So you could be phoned at any our of the night or morning to be present at the birth. That would be really hard for me as i have noone to care for the kids in that situation. That's in SA though, it may differ in other states.

Goodluck, enjoy this new path in your life and make sure to take time out and don't put to much pressure on yourself. You'll do great smile
I'll have about a 55 minute train trip if i get an express then about a 15-20 minute walk.

Cant actually see much info- the website is playing up so i'm going to ring tomorrow.

But like you i'm feeling guilty about dd. But i keep telling myself i was working part time when ds was 12 months so its no different
Posted by: SSRC18
Don't feel guilty at all. You are doing something incredible for yourself and your family, you should be really proud.

Aw thankyou for that. Makes me feel alot better smile Are you a student midwife too? I am in a really good position with where i work and watching all the student midwives do their assessments (well some LOL). I was more then happy to have a student help deliver Layla smile

SJ, its definately something worth looking into smile Ohhh im excited for you now

I just had a look and found the timetable and it seems REALLY do-able. Like i really think i could cope smile By the time the hours get to 5 days a week doing prac, cohen will be in school
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