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Hi ladies,
DD has been sick for a few days now with what i think is just a cold but she is coughing heaps to the point of nearly being sick. She has got a singlet skivvy tights and flanalette jammies on and her heater set to 20. Her temp in one ear is 35 and 36.5 in the other. Im not sure if she may have some sort of infection or if its just a cold, the poor bugger isnt getting much sleep due to the coughing. I have been giving her benadryl during the day and demazin before bed. Any ideas what it may be and if i should take her to the hossy to get checked. Thanks ladies sorry to be a pain. Meika
her temp seems fine so I doubt it is an infection sounds like a cold. both my DS are like this at the moment all u can do is keep them warm and let them get what sleep they can.
How old? And does the cough sound barky? Is she gasping when coughing?
thanks, i have her rugged up 24/7 and the heater on pretty much all day. She has had a few viral infections before so wasnt sure. I had a chest infection last week then DF got it so im worried she might have/get it too
If she is old enough raise her head and back with a couple of pillows, if she is still in a cot roll up a towel(s) and place under the mattress to make an incline. This helps with the choking feeling in the back of the throat.

Also put vicks on her feet and socks on, works wonders for coughing too.
TP she is 2 years 8 months her cough isnt really barky i was thinking croup yesterday as she was a bit barky but it went away now its just a phlegmy cough really she sounds like she is trying to get the crap up but cant and almost vomits. She had croup this time last year so thats what made me think that.
Do you have a vapouriser? Perhaps set that going tonight, with the raised head end of the cot/bed, eukybear on the chest, back and soles of feet - and a bit under the pillow or on the back of her neck and get her checked out tomorrow. I would just keep an eye on her overnight, and recheck for the chest inf tomorrow.

Gdluck. My 5mth old has just gotten over something similar.
Thanks it scares the crap out of me she has been in my bed for the past 2 nights as i was freaking out (DF is away so just me and bub) about her breathing. Ive had the vapourizer on for the last few days and eukybear on chest and back as she loves it lol, will put some on her feet if she wakes again. I will be taking her to drs tomorrow if she hasnt picked up any. She seen a paediatrician this time last year too as they thought she may be asthmatic but they said they didnt think she was at that stage so i dont know. I hope its just a cold and she is better soon. Glad your DD is better now, it sucks when their sick and you cant really help them. Thanks for the advice
Her temp seems ok, but it also depends on her coucgh. If she is having trouble breathing afterwards, then it might be an idea to get her checked out. Or you could even give the nurse on call a call, and see what they say.
A vaporiser in her room might help, I know it helps my DS when he has a cold. I would try to steer clear of too much cough syrup-as it can suppress any mucus which is better coming up then staying in.
Hope she feels better soon.
Hi mele, she sorta sounds like i did with my chest infection i have asked her if her chest hurts when she coughs but she says no, so not sure. The benadryl i have is one that brings the mucous up but because she cant get it all the way up she nearly vomits and she cant quite spit it out lol i have tried explaining she needs to spit it but i think she swallows it so she can take a breath. I hope this post made sense lol. Her cough is hard to explain its phlemgy sounding but if she coughs for a bit it sounds dry and she goes red and almost vomits, not every cough is the same though so im at a loss
Poor little thing. sad Wasn't meaning to knock the use of the cough mixture, it would be hard too if she is not quite understanding to spit the mucous out.
I think just keeping an eye on her tonight would be ok, as long as her breathing is going alright.
If you are still worried or unsure, this number is the number for healthdirect. It is Australia wide and they are really helpful. They will get you to tell them what is wrong and then they can say if you should take her to hossy or not. They are all trained nurses, so are very helpful.

The number is 1800022222.

I have called a few times and they are always very helpful. (Also 24 hours).

Hope your DD gets better soon, there is nothing worse than when they are sick, and you feel helpless.
thanks mele she has coughed for a bit that i have heard. Dont worry about the cough medicine i hate using it lol. Her voice is real croaky to when she talks but i would say thats from coughing. Poor bubba i hope she gets better soon, i think im catching it again too now which sucks as its going around in circles lol, hopefully its all gone soon. Will update tomorrow on how she is but i think i might go to the drs anyway just to be sure. Thanks for all the advice its very much appreciated
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