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Wrong section but.... Rss

ds is 18 months and we are looking to start transitioning him from the cot to a bed. Have a little one on the way so have about 2 months to make the transition.

At the moment both the cot and the bed are in his room.

My question is, do i let ds chose when he wants to sleep in the cot and when he wants to sleep in the bed or should i just start him in the bed straightaway, and not let him have a say in it. I am a little concerned that if i let him choose, then i am leaving myself open for trouble later on when for some reason, he may decide that he wants to go back into his cot.
I'd shift him straight to the bed, so he knows that that's his place to sleep now or you might be in for a hell of a fight when the new arrival comes home and starts sleeping in the cot....last thing you want is a huge temper tantrum cos bubby is in there and he wants to be, or him climbing in there when bubby is asleep IYKWIM?

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I havent done it before but i will in the next couple of months so i would just assume that it would be easier to take the cot away and not give him the choice. He might want to choose the cot again when bubs is here and needs it. I will have to do the same thing when DD is around the same age and i was planning on putting the cot away in another room so she couldnt see it. Hoping for out of sight out of mind type thing. But i havent done it yet and i have no idea if it would actually work, lol. good luck!

when we put ds into his big bed we simply took the cot apart with him "helping" us and put the bed up. He never even asked to sleep in the cot again. even though it was put up in the spare room for our god daughter to sleep in when she slept over.

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Yeah, i was thinking that it might cause me some problems down the track. Thanks. Makes me feel a little sad that he is going to a big bed...
I would be inclined to remove the cot altogether. With DS2 we had no time limits or anything, just thought we'd leave the cot and the bed in his room for as long as it would take. It took AGES, and even when he would go to sleep in his bed, some nights I would check before I went to bed, and he would have put himself back in the cot. If you need it, just take it out. Make sure you put up a rail and maybe you could use the cot mattress on the floor next to his bed til he is used to his big bed.

Good luck!!
We did this tonight! My DD2 is 15 months and with another on the way I'm avoiding the hassles when I'm bigger. We still have the cot in the room, right next the bed actually, acting as a 'wall' (we have a pool noodle under the bottom sheet to be a stopper for her falling out on the not against the wall). We'll take it away in the next day or so.

With DD1 she was about the same age and we just got her all excited about the bed and the cot didn't ever get built in her new bedroom (we shifted and decided with a new house, new room, we'd do new bed too). We didn't have a problem.

So, that's a long winded way of saying tell him he's in the bed, but if keeping the cot there for a couple of days gives you and him peace of mind, then do as PP said and take it down with him helping in a couple of days.

And if it makes you feel better - there's someone else doing the same right now too!

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Thanks! And we have the 'not against the wall' part too which i was concerned about. A pool noodle is a great idea.
start off with day sleeps in the bed and slowly go to night time too.....

We just did it. Took the cot down, and made it into a toddler bed. (One of those transition cots.) I figured if he was really unsettled and not liking it, we could go back to the cot-but thankfully he just transitioned straight away no problem at all.-He was actually pretty excited about having a bed, so that may have helped.
The next step is to move him into HIS room with a bigger bed (put the cot back for new bub)-hopefully that is just as easy!
our cot does not convert. So at the moment he is sleeping in his cot with the bed right next to it (we had it delivered today).

I was thinking along the same lines as the Mrs, re day sleeps in bed and night sleeps in cot, but then i am giving him that choice again which concerns me for later on.

ETA that i just discussed it with the man of the house who agrees that its best to go straight to the bed and put the cot in the new bubs room. *sigh* never thought i would be the type to get emotional over her boy moving from the cot to a bed...
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Funnily enough, the pool noodle idea came from the bed shop guy (instead of selling us a rail!). A pack of 3 from Big W is about $7 so we have two shoved down the wall side so she can't roll over against the wall and slide down and get stuck, and one on the 'outside' under the bottom sheet just to act as a bit of a barrier to stop them rolling out. It won't stop them rolling out completely, but they only fall out a couple of times (I know that sounds harsh) and they learn not to sleep across the bed, or roll over the bump pretty quickly.

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