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wot wots Rss

any one elses kids a fan
any other parents sit there and think what will come out next

what age seems to like them all 3 of mine will run to the tv if they even here the adds and i have a 2 a 4 and a 7 year old

Bugs loves it which is great because I get to have a fast but uninterrupted shower.
18 month old LOVES them.
3.5 yr old i think like them and the night garden just cos her little sister likes them. I don't think she's a genuine fan. The games on the ABC site are pretty cool.
Luke loves them is the only thing i have seen him sit and watch and actually giggle at ...he thinks they are really funny !! lol lol lol

and when they are trying to teach them a new word he actually speaks out loud trying to say the words ....Luke is just not a joiner ..he wont even really sing and dance at home ..

he is 3 ...and loves them ....he also loves your sig !! lol lol lol
can't take the credit for the siggy that was ricki's work

my youngests will run round the house all day laughing at himself saying wotty wot wot wot

it took only 2 episodes until my DS knew who they were, then proceeded to say for the next hour after the show "mummy, mummy, wotty wot wots" a billion times!!

he is 3 in July...
my boy was the same the only thing that might stop him with wotty wots is the fact that timmy time is coming soon

Yes ds loves it- he giggles away.

timmy time looks good
timmy time might be more for me i love shawn te sheep

Wot tha??

I have no idea what your talking about!
wot wot the creatures in my sig on at 824 in the morning on abc

or timmy time the baby sheep from shawn the sheep getting his own show coming soon

Ok thanks PDo3 i will check it out!
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