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It's harder then i remember sad i think i was the only one in the class that couldn't get the hang of it!
Awww you'll get in Nae, don't worry!
If you need any pointers I'm happy to help, I've gotten A's for all my papers so far so I can't be that bad! lol

Aww thanks hun. I understand the whole structure of the essay, just trying to get my thoughts onto paper in 30mins is what worries me. I also don't get how people can ramble on about one topic for a whole paragraph without swaying off the topic a little bit? lol i write one sentence and then thought, well what do i write next?

I used to be SO good at English in school and now i have a feeling it's notgoing to be my strong point anymore.

I need to write a essay later and take it to the class tonight
Have you heard of the SEE method? It really helps me.

Statement - make a statement (topic sentence)
Explanation - explain what you mean by your topic sentence, paraphrase and use quotes
Example - give an example

Erikson’s second stage of psychosocial development focuses on a child’s increasing control over his or her body (autonomy), and the feelings of shame and doubt they may experience when they have a lapse in control or are pushed to develop autonomy too early.statement The best example of this is potty training, as at some point during toddler hood, most children will at least begin this process. When a child is successful with potty training, they “will experience a sense of power that fuels their maturing autonomy and sense of self esteem” (Erikson, 1963 as cited in Green & Piel, 2002, p. 86). However, if a child is unsuccessful, or their parents try to toilet train them too early, they may begin to feel shame and doubt their abilities (Erikson, 1963 as cited in Green & Piel, 2002).explanation
A family friend’s daughter, ****** (aged three), has been potty trained since she was 18 months old. For a year and a half she had been using the toilet on her own, and displaying perfect autonomy, having never had an accident. However, just recently ****** contracted a urinary tract infection, and one day she simply could not make it to the toilet on time. She urinated on the floor, and to say the least she was mortified. ****** displayed a definite sense of shame over what she had done by crying and running to her room to hide. For a month she would not use the potty but instead cried until her parents put a nappy on her, as she doubted her ability to make it to the toilet on time.example

[Edited on 12/05/2009]

I used the SAME formula for every essay I ever wrote at uni and I have first class honors lol! basically every paper started with "This paper will discuss/analyse..." detail 5-6 major topics of discussion. Then the next 5-6+ paragraphs elaborated on each of the topic mentioned packed full of references of course. Using a great topic sentence works well. Finally the concluding paragraph was a re-hash of the introduction ..."In conclusion, this paper has discuussed/analysed...." rah rah rah. I swear I did this evertime, same formula, worked well for me but that was a few years back now!
Far out Em... did you write that? I'm going to fail miserabley LOL

BJ, thats what the lecturer told us last night too. He said you can't go wrong with the opening statement for the introduction and conclusion like that
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