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Margarine..interesting Lock Rss

Thanks for putting those other links up Juddsmum, I nearly had a heart attack when I was reading the original post haha I hate butter, always have.

OMG I didn't know that about margarine... hmmm I might have to look at another option....

I have never really liked butter as it never spreads and just tastes funny....

Also wanted to add ewww Daisy... that is just yuck!! lol
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in natural health circles, the switch from butter to marg was essentially known as switching from heart disease to cancer.

we only use butter, we just eat it in moderation which is what you should do with any foods!
Can you eat Nuttelex when pregnant?? X
Thanks a lot for the detailed post! I try to avoid margarine consuming as much as possible, just use it for home bakery from time to time. I am afraid of high cholesterol level as hell, seems like it is the biggest disadvantage of this product. Here is some info about cholesterol in general and it's negative impact on human's organism .

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