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Hi all

I have my daughters christening at the end of April and I am struggling for idea's as to what to buy the godparents as a gift to say thank you.

I want to spend about $100 on each of them but want something they acn both keep forever as a rememberance from us as her parents.

The godmother is my best friend, and the godfather is my partners brother.

Please help me as I am totally stuck and would love suggestions!


Hi I just had my daughters name day and I got the godparents a candle it is really nice no where near the $100 mark but you could always add something to it.
Maybe even your daughters hand and foot print the ones that are gold and can be framed they cost a bit and are something they can have for ever.

I found the candle on this web site and the hands and feet are on Hope this is some help
hi shweeee
im a godparent to my best friends son ,im spewn i didnt get a gift.only jokin
you could maybe do a photography thing ,trouble with that is there not a couple.

chris wa 1yr, 2yrs 14 yr

Hiya.When our daughter was Christened we gave her godparents photos of Kailee that we had taken of her that morning in her christening dress(thank goodness for digital cameras and computers!).In frames that I found a week before that said Godmother and Godfather on them.With these I included a note,from Kailee,thanking them for being her godparent and for being such an important part of her life etc etc.They really loved them.They didn't cost anywhere near $100 but you could add something extra as well.I hope you get some great ideas.Cheers Deb gasp)

Kailee-02/10/03 & Broden-25/08/05

how about a framed photo of the event presented at a later date

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Could be some ideas here: Godparent that is really hard!
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