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Huggies is interested in hearing about your experiences as a parent on a number of topical debates. As always with the forum, while we are keen to encourage debate, please keep your comments positive in relation to judgement of others and avoid posting any negative comments on the forum.

We are interested in hearing from parents from both sides – those who have chosen have their son/s circumcised and those who chose not to.

Those who have for

a) personal reasons (for example, other men in the family are circumcised),
b) medical reasons and
c) religious reasons.

Please tell us:

1. Why this decision was made
2. Whether you would chose this path again for future sons
3. Approximately how old your son was when he was circumcised
4. Your experience of finding a doctor to perform the circumcision.

In the case of those who have chosen not to have their son/s circumcised, can you share:
- The reason?
- What influenced your decision?


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it wasnt a thought for us, my sons daddy isnt circumsised so ds isnt and this one wont be either if its a boy.
hey there..
i didn’t have my son circumcised, i think about it as why would you put a child through unnecessary pain,. I would only get it done if it was for medical reason.. for example a family member or mine had it done due to every time he would pee the foreskin would get tighter and tighter. But I guess everyone is different and they all have the own reasons for it
well i chose not to circumcise my son. Its not natural, there are no medical benifits of having it done. You can teach your son how to keep the area clean when they are older. If they choose to have it done later in life they can make that decision for themselves!!

oooh mod are you a tad bored today???
Posted by: Naomi77
umm cant you look in your deleted post history? I am certain there would be a least 2 dozen deleted circ threads

lol Naomi maybe once they're deleted they are really gone forever lol

We didn't get Judd done. I grew up with circumsed brothers and father because it was the 'done' thing but my husband isn't done and has not had any problems at all.

I really believe that it must be there for a reason and just because it may pose a problem in the future due to medical issues it shouldn't be removed as a precaution. It would equal the same as removing everyones tonsils or appendix just because they may get tonsilitis or appendicitis (sp?) later in life.

I will not inflict unnecessary pain on my gorgeous baby boy.

I will however be a responsible parent and teach my boy good hygiene though to prevent any avoidable problems.

The only reason i like circumcision is because i think it looks better. I dont really think it does anything else unless there is a medical reason to have it done.

So based on my theory that it only makes them look nicer we choose not to as we wont be looking at our sons penis after so many years. So therefore it is his body and he may do what he wishes when he is old enough to do so.

I chose not to circumcise my son due to a couple of reasons but the most important one was I did not want him to undergo any further procedures and unneccessary pain if there was no medical reason to circumcise.

Circumcision is a personal choice and not one you should make either way without being correctly informed or educating yourself about it. Too often people go in blindly and follow the pack because its the done thing (either way).
This is going to b interesting!!! LOL

We got our DS done when he was 11 months old because when he was born one of his kidneys didnt form as big as the other one, the kidney specialist said it would b good if he had it done less risk of infection.. So even though DH is done we were tossing up weather to get him done or not but when the specialist said that I thought we could use that to get him done..

He was put on a list to get it done at the Northern and it didnt take that long, the surgeon was great she explained it to me what happens.. He was only gone for about an hour then they brought him back to the kids ward, he slept for about 3 hours than drank about 400 ml of milk..

But there was some people there of a different religion and she upset me because she said to me I didnt think YOU PEOPLE got it done!!

Go figure..

Glad the baby was a girl so we didnt have to worry about it this time..

DS has 5 boy cousins and only 1 of those is done too but he was done different to Liam not in a hospital knocked out but he was done about 3 weeks...

In the case of those who have chosen not to have their son/s circumcised, can you share:
- The reason?
- What influenced your decision?

I have 3 sons, none of which are circumcised.

We just didn't want the boys done, we didn't see it as necessary, DH is done, so the boys will look different to their Dad, but when they work that out, I will tell the the truth, that their Dad had the small procedure to be done and we chose not to do that to them.
They have been taught how to wash properly, and this must be done everyday. We also felt that with circumcision not being the norm any more, they would look different to their peers had they been done. Our decision had nothing to do with religion.
1) Both of our sons are circumcised. We chose this for 2 reasons:

a) Medical reasons - as we have a history of kidney reflux, urethra problems in my family (my sister had an operation at 9 months of age for urethra reflux). At 20 wk us DS2 had a baggy kidney, it seems that all is ok now, but this added to our decision this time.

b) Personal reasons - as my DH is also done and he was quite adamant that he also wanted his sons done.

2) Obviously if we had any future sons (no more are planned tho!) we would also get them done.

3) DS1 was 6 days old and DS2 was 13 days old - both times were only due to appointment availability, although I did want them done as close to the 8 day mark as I could as clotting is said to be the best at that time.

4) I was very lucky at how easy it was for me to find a Dr to do our sons circ. When I was pregnant with DS1 I was working in a retail store and was talking to a regular customer of mine who had 4 sons - so the "debate" came up. She told me the Dr she had used, and gave me his number.

I then phoned the practice to talk to them about risks, care etc etc and was quite happy with their answers, so as soon as I had both DSs they were booked in. He is a lovely Dr and I recommend him to any one that asks me for help to find a circ Dr.

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holy hell the mods are starting fights !! LMAO!! . lol lol

Luke is not done for the following reasons !!

he is not Jewish so no real religius reasons there

also ...his father is circumsised and I diddnt see the need for them to look alike need for a pigeon pair ..they look at their fathers doodles for such a short time in their life ...I would prefer Luke to look like his peers rather than his dad !!

I dont think there is a huge risk of infection years gone by there was a definate risk as they only bathed once every other day with running water and daily bathing (sometimes twice a day if he is covered in crap ) it is not an issue ...also ...years ago if a boy was playing with his penis he was told he was dirty adn to leave it alone or it will drop off ...with that playing we are more concerned about damging their confidence ...good thing to ..cause all that gentle playing is pulling their forskin back themsleves so there is less chance of it strangling the head of the penis !!

I do worrie about my decision some times as everyone knows of someone who had to be circumsised at a later stage and the pain they went through was so bad ...I shudder to think that Luke is going to be THAT boy that everyone knows !

sometimes I wish we had of ...mainly cause of the unknown ...we are not to sure what is normal and what isnt ...but we get y with asking questions on here and also Dr Google is our friend ..Jono has never seen a penis with a forskin in his life ..I have but try to forget !! lollol...also ...when he wees ont he loo he often getts his leg cause the forskin makes it go in a diffrent direction !! lollol..that is irritating ! lol lol lol

I dont actually think that pain is a factor in infants is known that they dont feel pain like adults do with certain things ..this is why they take out toncills when they are young ...the pain they experience is far less as a child then what they have as an adult ...chickpoxs...get this as a child and it is uncomfortale ...but as an adult you can get really really really sick ....I think of circumsision the same way of doing when young when the pain is not as severe !!

but all in all I am happy with the decision I have made and I will choose it agian in a heart beat if Gorge turns out to have a penis !! lollollol
I take it no-one responded to the lady they are paying to write articles on these issues huh?
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