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Who here owns an exercise bike? Rss

Look what I found Hayley.. This is a much better way to do things by the looks of it... That way we dont really need to focus on kms...
Posted by: *pookibum*
Ah yes, you are pregnant so you cant go too hard... I would really like a treadmill too, but hubby isnt so sure... I would like to get out with the pram but my stupid hands hurt too much! grrr I just have to lose my pregnancy weight, it's been on me now for far too long.. I have just gone through the weight watchers book to find foods with 0 points no matter how much you eat.. so far I have:

Foods with ZERO points

• Asparagus
• Baby Spinach Leaves
• Broccoli
• Brussel sprouts
• Cabbage
• Carrot
• Cauliflower
• Choko
• Lettuce
• Cucumber
• Mushroom
• Onion
• Shallots
• Snowpeas
• Spinach
• Squash
• Tomato
• Zucchini

Diet Coke has ZERO points. I love it!! I deinitely love my mushies as well for the same reason. Whenever we have a BBQ I get DF to cook a heap for me and I always feel full after them.

As for your original question, no exercise bike here, but I have an elliptical trainer and I LOVE it!! Well not so much when I'm sweating my tush off, lol. But I'm noticing BIG improvement in my muscle tone, on my legs, hips and bum. My love handles are definitely shrinking, YAY!!

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hehe Mary! Diet Coke!!! So healthy! I looked at the elliptical trainer.. But then I guess I know I will get results from the bike, so I stuck with the bike... I tend not to stray too far out of my comfort zone! hehe Good on you for losing the inches! I so need to.. You probably missed my post earlier, but I have just started up Jazz Ballet and I found out that we will be performing at the end of year concert! ARGH!!! Not with this body I wont be! hehe.. So I really have to get rid of my jiggly bits... hehe
LMAO!! Jiggly bits in a tutu?? rofl!!

I'm sure you'll look fine and besides, you've got plenty of time to prepare. I have noticed with my elliptical that I'm not losingany weight, but I'm not really gaining any either, so that's good.

I only recently bought a tape measure, so I will know for sure now how many inches I'm losing, but I can tell the difference anyway and it's made me feel so much better in my skin. I don't flatten out like a pancake when I lay down anymore, lol.

Good Luck with your new tortue machine, lol.
Oh, very good thanks.. Just checked the site out - will follow that.

Are you;
female (non breastfeeding) - score 7
female (breatsfeeding) - 14
male - 14

how old are you?
18-20 - 5
21-35 - 4
36-50 - 3
51-65 - 2
over 65 - 1

The first 2 digits of your weight;
if 2 digits eg 84kg your score is 8
if 3 digits eg 102kg your score is 10

How tall are you?
under 160cm - 1
160cm or above - 2

how active are you during most days?
sitting down most of the time - 0
occasionally sitting, but mainly standing - 2
occasionally standing, but mainly walking - 4
doing physically hard work most of the time - 6

If your total score is less than 18 adjust to 18 points.
If more than 33 for women or 40 for men and breastfeeding mums, adjust to 33 and 40 respectively.

Great! Thanks for that Hayley.. I have worked out though that I have to have 30 points. That seems alot... Did you say you were on 19???? Are you breastfeeding???
Yea im on 19, not breastfeeding. I could probably be on 21 by scoring 2 for how active i am through the day. But score 0 cause im used to 19 points from before having Tayla. I only have about 1.5 kg to go to get to my goal weight and once i reach that ill allow 21 points a day.
My DH followed it for a short while with me and he was on 30 points and struggled to eat that many points a day. He lost 7.5kg in 5 weeks then had to stop tracking points as he couldnt afford to lose any more weight - needs some weight for rugby union.

i don't own it but i borrowed my dear sister in laws, now all i have to do is get on the thing
Very informative thread.
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