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can everyone go and feel their childs neck, in the hollow at end of collar bone, and tell me if there is any lumps....

to make it easier, get them to look away from the side you are checking.


I just checked my kids have no lumps there

There are 2 glands 1 each side. I freaked out when DD was born when I felt them. Asked at doc appointment and he said they are glands if they are swollen for more than 3 days get them checked
i have already made an appointment, but there has been lumps there the size of pea's since her seizure 2.5mth ago.

at the time they told me it was just glands up, but they still there.

lumps size of pea's for 3, the 4th is bigger. its getting big enough now to be visable when she is looking over her shoulder.

since then she has also lost a kilo in weight. even though she is still a decent size, its still worrying that she has lost so much weight.

everyone keeps telling me its due to walking, but i dunno, thats alot of weight to lose in 8 wks. and she is eating non stop.

and i dont know if its related, but she is getting very clumsy, tripping over alot, and dropping things alot

Seems a long time to be inflamed. I have no idea sorry. When is the doc appointment?
tomorrow at 4.10pm

bumping for the night crew. see if youse want to check, or add opinions too. im actually quite worried about it, and everyone is still telling me i am being silly

Can't check my kids cause they are sleeping sorry

But you are not being silly

It could be a thyroid problem but I am not sure if the really young have them

Yep I would get them checked too!
DS does have two pea sized lumps on his neck but they are scar tissue as he had a huge cyst in his neck when he was a bub.

Probably nothing to worry about but I would be wanting an U/S just to double check.

Good Luck, let us know how you go!
well i keep getting told, "your being silly, nothing to worry about. its all part of growing up"

then they turn around and say "oh but still get it checked just incase"


i just hope its nothing serious. isnt thyroid under jaw? the lumps are lower, like on bottom of neck

my glands are always up, the slightest thing triggers it off, had it checked and it was all normal apparently
kobee has them but on the back of his neck, every few days he will get them. 2 different docs have told me that its 2 diff things 1 dodgy doc said it means hes had a viral infection if they dont go in 2 weeks take this and get a blood test and the 2nd good doc said theyre just his glands swelling up and its nothing to worry about. they are the size of peas to the size of a small cherry depending on the day, and he sometimes gets them on the back of his head and around his collar bones, and u can see the ones on his collar bones when he moves his head. he doesnt drop stuff much but he does fall over a fair bit, mainly when he is tired tho so maybe she is just getting sleepy from all the walking? hope all goes well anyways

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