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Ok Zara is 4 mths old, I had what appeared to be a normal period about 11 weeks after she was born, but now its been 5 weeks and still no period. Can they be irregular after birth? I cant remember what happened with my other 2. Any help would be appreciated. Oh and I am not breast feeding.

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oh Cmon!! Can everyone get off the sharon thread and help me please!

Mine was quite irregular for about 6 months post bfeeding... does that ease your mind at all? Sorry I'm not a great help.
im upto week 5 in between periods since having dd2 i had one and im waiting for the next one, i had bloods done so i know im not preggars,
Yes it is normal for periods to be irregular after childbirth for several months.

I remember a while ago you asked about bankruptcy, what did your family end up doing?

My DD is 9 months and I havent had a period yet.

Can i also comment on what a lovely name that is my DD name Zara..
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I remember a while ago you asked about bankruptcy, what did your family end up doing?

That was ages ago and from what I remember, you are one of the people who tried to give me a rev about it

Yes I was because I was so angry that you had come on here being critical of working mums while you made the choice to saty at home, yet then revealed that you were looking at bankrupcy! That's why a lot of other mums work!!They take responsibility for their families financial future so they don't go bankrupt!

wasnt half obviouse you were looking for an argument was it, you walked straight into it

No I'm not after an arguement! Thought you might want to give us an update as to what happened since you bought the topic onto Huggies and asked for advice, didn't get the "poor you" responses you were after and didn't reply! I don't have the time or the energy. Especially over a topic such as this where there is nothing to argue!. Good luck with everything. I hope you can still sleep at night!!

Hey hey hey hey hey

Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure she was asking for period help, not financial advice.

bahahahahaha what a joke!! I sleep quite well actually, thankyou.
You honestly think I would expect people to feel sorry for me because of that?
And that subject was months ago so if I wanted to give a response, dont you think I would have done that by now?
Perhaps you should get off your high horse and come back down to everyone elses level, might do you the world of good....

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