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Cellulite Rss

any tips on how to get rid of it?

Have to go now but will check back later
TIA =)

have a healthy diet, excersise alot and drink heaps of water smile
Good luck!! LOL If you find any "cures" for cellulite, be sure to let us all know!! LOL I don't think that there is any proven way of getting rid of cellulite. I am sure you probably think it looks worse than it actually does. Us women can be too hard on ourselves sometimes and I think if people were honest, probably 90% of us would have it!! LOL

I have proven result for dermalmd cellulites gone now.true product.
It is completely normal to have cellulite in some areas of our body, especially in the thighs and belly. But there are plenty treatments to help us to get rid of it. What I've been using is dermaalmd cellulite treatment, I've been exercising three times a week and I quick sodas.
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