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Buggy board for Beema Q pram? Rss

Hi all,

Has anyone used a buggy board for a toddler on the back of a beema Q pram? I'm looking around at different ones, but because none of them are actually made for the beema, I want to know for sure that one will fit before I buy it.

Anyone used one, and what brand?

My friend has a valco one and it fits perfectly. You could always take your Beema into a baby store and see what fits though.

i found toddler seat but not a skateboard. id be interested to hear if anyone has as well.

My girls are my world!!!!

Coolies, thanks teapot (or is it teapop now? I've missed a lot around here methinks!) I looked at the valco one and from the description thought it looked like it would fit, so that's great to know! Do you know if it was easy to put on?

Well the girl who has it is pretty dopey, so I assume she put it on herself... lol.
Bwahahahaha you crack me up teapot! Thanks so much smile]

I came across a company that sells buggy boards in New Zealand. They were doing a demonstration at Botany Downs a couple of weeks back and their product looks pretty good.

Feel free to have a look at their website:

They seem to be doing a special at the moment as well, $75 which is pretty cheap really.
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