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Picture moments/Pixi foto/little images Rss

I want to get some awesome photos of my boys and am tossing up between Picture moments, Pixifotos and liitle images. i hoping for some feedback on these companies or any other suggestions.
Thanks in advance

Zac & Clay -My angels Zahlia & Tyce

pixie photo are a rip off. well thats what i personally think


Zac & Clay -My angels Zahlia & Tyce

i getmy photos taken by a compny called tickle pink. and i get 66 photos and thenegative disc with all photos taken on the day for 280 dollars! which is great i think anyway

thats awesome, where are they at. are you happy with the photos. its great you get negatives and the price is definately resonable. thamks for your help.

Zac & Clay -My angels Zahlia & Tyce

yea the price is definately a big selling point for me, but yes i love the photos if u want i can put one as my siggy for u to see, they are in vic, not sure about other states, i can give u there number tho? im picking the latest ones i have had done tomorrow

I have used Pixifoto's and do not like them at all

ETA~ I use a place called BIP photography, small company that goes around pharmacies, their prices are great and photo quality is amazing!
[Edited on 10/09/2008]
hi i use picture moments at wishart in bne...they managed to get great photos of a two and five year old and the two y/o was going through her i am not going to smile stage...they had the kids running around and jumping off chairs (little ones) and she ran around and layed on the floor to get the best shots...they were natural and fun and the kids had a ball..hope this helps
Carolynn - that would be awesome, im in qld but maybe they have one up here or can recommend somewhere.

J.heart - thank you, ive heard good and bad about pixi, it is really important to me, as of course all mums that we get the quality and at a reasonable price.

Zac & Clay -My angels Zahlia & Tyce

Thanks HJ5260, i live at Tamborine so going to Brisbane isnt a problem. were the photos affordable, i have noticed on the net the dont ever put prices on their packages etc.

Zac & Clay -My angels Zahlia & Tyce

I am out at Mundoolun ( near Jimboomba) and there is a photographer advertised on the back of the newsletter. I will find it, they seem great and great prices to and you can go and view the work first . i just need to find the darn newsletter..
Ok that was quick....
Jag Photography art $99 - photography sitting at your home or location with a complimentary 8x 10'
professionally edited photgrahy 0402734466. hope that helps. if nothing else gives you another person to call!!lol
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