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You know what Giz I really like you but Im going to be really honest.
Last night you were bi7ching and wanting people to chat to, I joined in to chat and you pi55ed off to play scrabble and this wasnt the first time you wanted people to chat only for you to buggar off to do something else. So while you think your on the outer you actually make others feel the same way.

Cheers Ness
W T F I did not play scrabble! I wasn't doing anything. I was waiting for you to start a jelly fight thread!
Tysmoo asked you to go play scrabble you agreed and you no longer replied in that thread or any other that I saw.
HAHA I was being funny meaning old lady scrabble lmao. I didnt mean it literally SORRY NESS
Tysmoo was joking and dissappeared and as far as I know was on the phone.
I was sitting here doing nothing..typing in random threads and that was it.
Sorry if you thought I ditched you but I didn't.
But Nikki my point is she started the thread then disappeared. I dont care what she was doing but she started a thread wanting to chat and then stopped posting. Now she started this one saying she is on the outer when in fact she often makes others feel this way.
Sorry Ness I hope my actions did not contribute to you feeling this way. I did not intend to run away but I was on the phone chatting away and it was after 11 when I got off and went to bed. To be honest I see what you are saying but I dont think Kel meant for it to come across that way. I loves ya and will be back for some jelly fighting later lol.
stNah its all good if people drop off doing other things what ever but when the OP starts a thread wanting to chat and then before its even gotten to two pages leaves it makes me wonder why leave didnt the right people respond and then to come on the next day to complain they are an outsider. I really dont get it.
And yes Kel you made me feel like you started the thread to see who was on so you could pick who you wanted to chat too and It came across like the people who did respond wernt good enough for you to chat to.

Would you beleive I just made two big containers of jelly for my poor sick husband? I made a lime and a port wine.
So who's up for jelly wrestling. I can bet he'll feel better a lot faster if we do! LMAO.

Oh and Ness, I'm terrible for posting and running. I somehow always fall asleep on the couch. Mmmmm, comfy couch.

wow katey, your lil charlie has grown so much!! uou have such a cute preg belly, how many weeks is that pic?, how long to go now??? I forget when you are due..

is currently in NZ

Hehe, see! Post and run........
I'm now 34 weeks, and that photo was last Tuesday I think. I'm due on 18th September. Woo hoo!

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