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I'm one of those people who it doesn't matter what they say, or do, or how good of a friend they are...I will always be the outsider or the nobody!
Me too love! me too....
Me too. Hugs all round

ask these people how they feel, and also explain to them your feelings, and that you dont apreciate feeling this way,

Hope you get the answers you need
Kel for what its worth I dont consider you to be an outsider or a nobody. I think you are a wonderful person, friend and mother. You have always been there when I needed even when you were having a crappy time yourself and I am glad that we have finally met. Our girls play so well together and we seem to get along well and I could spend all day chatting to you and cuddling my adopted daughter. Please remember that chook.
I know exactly how you feel. I am the same it gets to the stage where you can't be bothered socializing.I hate being the outsider in every situation.
Thats how I feel. I may as well just turn my net off and shut myself in my house with my 2 beautiful girls. At least they love me.
What's got u so down?

Its just how it is
Well I haven't really spoken to you much on here, but I never thought of you as an outsider

Hey Kel ....we all have down day and some of us have them more than others !!

You know what ??? you mean the world to more people than you can imagine !! have a couple of kids of your very own who you could stand no higher in their eyes !!

I know you have a tendancy to feel a little down Kel ...but I need you to know that you are important adn worthy of love ..just as much as the next person !!

chin up young person ...I think your amazing !! and that is the only opinion that should matter !! lo lol lol lol lol lo lol lol
Hi Dazed,

I dont know whats made you feel this way, but i feel exactly the same as you..

And like you, as least my little boys love me...

DS1,5yrs,DS2 2.5yrs..I love my beautiful boys!!

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