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  5. i know this is a big call but.....

i know this is a big call but..... Lock Rss

i think the semll of toddler sick is actually worse than the smell of poop, yep even a mince poop.

thats all smile
I can deal with most poop no probs, but spew gets to me.

Maybe if they spewed into a nappy instead of all over the floor? lol

... but I'm def. with you on this one!


Its because we get desensitised to poop, but spew doesnt happen that ofetn so when it goes... Ewwwwwww!!

Hope DD is feeling better soon!
OMG I know what you mean. I am a sympathy chucker. If I smell spew - I spew!

So DS has had gastro once in his 23 mths of age when he was about 10 mths old, and every time he chucked I was there dry retching and fighting to urge to vomit, clean ups took forever!!!!

I am almost gagging now at the thought of it - I really can not handle spew!

I am thankful that both DS and DD have not been chuckers as babies!!

My friend told me a story of her DD (4 yo) coming into her room, mummy I feel yukky, then whammo a massive projectile vomit (I am dry retching now as I write this) right onto their bed, covered the pillows, the doona the sheets, all over the floor and allover the mum. The little girl didnt get a drop on her. EEEWWWW!!!

If it were me, I would have hurled instantly!!

is currently in NZ

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