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everyday court (2yr) is fine in the morning pretty happy but good then once it hits round 2 something kicks in and she turns super hypo and goes nuts, its hard to get her to listen or sit still she done the bolt from me in the car park she was like super kid she was so fast i could hardly get her, and once i did we were 3 isle way thingys away from the car shes lucky she didnt get hit!!! is it normal for her to just snap into hypo mood or not?
does she have a day sleep?

is currently in NZ

my dd is 2 in 3 weeks and is hypo all day it seems she is full on

ruff as guts we had family photos on thursday we waited 30 minutes

and we couldnt get 1 family photo cause lily wouldnt sit still for 2 minutes i understand how u feel

no she doesnt have a day sleep hasnt for a while because she has always slept thru the night and had 12-14 hrs sleep! so shes never tired lol
I call it the barrier lol
Dominik hits it around 3-4pm, he tends to hyp up when he is really tired. If he sat still he would fall asleep. He no longer has the capacity to control his emotions etc. It's tough on a little body.
But if I let him sleep, he would sleep 3hrs flat and would be up at 9-10pm at night.
They are more actice at this age too, they are exploring and learning new boundaries about the world around them.
I say it is age appropriate, as frustrating as it is lol

1 monkey, 1 diva = the love of my life

ditto to what naomi has said, plus have you looked at her diet?? is there any chance she is getting hyped up on anything like preservatives or a colour additive??
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