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What an a-hole! He had no right to do that, and I have worked in retail for about 15 years. If the machine was simply not reading the barcode of the card, then yes you can type the numbers in to the register. It is basically still doing the same job as the swiper (ie still being sent through to bank), the numbers are still being put through, just not swiped through! It is only when the card does swipe, and an error message comes up you cannot process it, and must call the bank. And in all my 15 years I have NEVER been told to snap a card! (Also, if the card was not a master/visa card then you are unable to type the numbers in.)
I would be getting the little pr ick fired!
DP will be making enquiries on Monday morning to see how far he can take it. And if my memory serves me correctly your bank card is accutally property of the bank. So when DP takes his card into the bank on Monday we will also see if they want to do anything regarding the cost of replacing the card ect, because i will not pay for a new card when my old was fine!
worst thing abs, is it will take about 5-7 days for a new card to reach you in the mail.

Your stuck without a card for the next week or so, looks like your off to the bank to draw out cash on monday.

What a moron that guy is, hope he gets in trouble for his stupid actions. Let us know how you go with the complaint to the manager.

is currently in NZ

stupid thing is, normally we just withdraw the cash we need for the weekend on friday, but do you think we did it?? NOPE

I am starting to calm down now, but i am still pretty mad. DD is teething and was crying i am sick and DP was really mad about the card so its been a night of excitement here tonight!
DH just got a new bankcard cause his old one was cracked, didnt cost him.

i think i would have hit the little fucker.
I am surprised that DP didnt hit him. I dont condone violence, but some things just make you so mad that all you want to do is hit them. I guess its all about retraint. I think i would have wanted to hit him too though. I just said to Nikki on MSN that i probably would have kicked him in the shins and ran LOL
OMG are you for real?! I would've let the little pr!ck ring the cops and stayed there and damn well waited for them myself! and in the meantime get him to get his manager on the phone.
I have never heard of anyone ever being authorised to destroy someone's card, I went to a shop today where mine wouldn't scan, she even tried puttin it into a plastic bag and scanning it that way, it took about 10 tries but it eventually worked, I don't normally have a problem, I reckon it's their crappy machines.
I hope he loses his job over it, see how he gets on with no money.

Posted by: 3littleones
Sorry to tell you, and I know your wanting people to agree with you here, but the guy at the servo did the correct thing by refusing to manually over ride your card.

When you read through of the merchanat info you get from the bank, to a business, it advises a business, not to manually over ride a card that will not swipe.

After 12 years of managment in retail I have been requested, by westpac cards services, to cut up a persons card I would think about 5 times in front of them.

One that I can remember very clearly was on Christmas eve, a card would not read and I was advised (from the little number on my display) to contact the bank, and they requested that I cut up the card, and for ME to post it off to the bank.

As for him cutting up your card, if he got that little number on the display or had to call the bank then that is what the bank would have requested him to do.

Not really fair on anyone is it.

when i worked for a servo if the card wouldnt swipe cause of a read error we coudl mannualy type the card number in and the expire date but they still needed to sign for it

it wasnt overriding it was just getting the info in in a different way, but definatly not if there was anythink other than a read error
Did your DH get his bits of card back, if not i would tell him to get down there and get it back, it has your detail on there and card number which is current, He could use it on the internet or somethign

If he refuses i woudl either call teh police right there or call and report the card as stolen and say the circumstances
i would have certainly refused to pay and called the police to tell them he had stolen and destroyed my card then waited for the to arrive.
heck that sucks. I would have been so upset. MaNoob is right make sure you have the card.

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Yep i have the card right here. DP has his reciepts and as per police instructions he made the guy sign a thing to say that DP had payed for the petrol. The police have his details and told him just to leave and they would deal with it if and when the petrol station made a complaint. But luckly he remembered that he had some change in his car and paid for it that way
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