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DP just went to put petrol in the car and when he went to pay his card wouldnt swipe properly. Which happens when it is a crap EFT machine, but they normally just manually type in the number of card as it is a Mastercard Debit and linked to our savings account.

The little sh1t behind the counter refused to mannually enter the card and told him he had to pay cash - which DP didnt have. The guy cracked the sads because DP had no other way to pay and he SNAPPED OUR CARD IN HALF!!

Yep thats right, the little bastard has snapped our only card to our every day account. I am so ropeable, who does that seriously. Its not like he turned up and refused to pay, it was thier machine what wasnt working. I'm not happy in the slightest
did he get his name?

complain to the company! complain to the manager! seeing it was a servo no doubt there are security cameras in the store n he will be seen doing it n be in big trouble!
Wo! Attitude problem from his side. Maybe you can talk to the manager about it, or report the damage to the bank??
OMG abbie. put in a formal complaint he had no right to snap your card. i hope you dont have to pay for a replacement and if you do id be charging the company. sucks because its a satruday and you wont be able to do anything til monday.

dont know what the guy thought that would achieve because your dp still wouldnt have been able to pay it

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Complain to the management without a doubt!
Not only has he stopped access to your funds but by the time you recieve a replacement it will be another week away!
what a tosser, that is not his property, he has damaged your property would go and slap him so freakin hard
what a pain! (pain is the strongest word huggies will let me type lol)

I hope you report them. What happened with the petrol? If you end up with any charges for not being able to pay I hope you forward them to the rotten smart ar$e

Can you ring your banks' after hours number and report it as theft? And that you know who did it?
I would have snapped him!!! Obviously you won't be paying now with no access to you funds, what a nob head complain for sure.

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That is terrible! It wasn't his to snap! I have only heard of this with credit cards if the bank has been phoned!

I had my card swipe badly at 2 different shops today and both were patient and kept trying.

How did he pay for his petrol???? If he broke the card and he had no cash I would also report it to the police just in case he has reported it as your DH not paying for his purchase....

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Sorry to tell you, and I know your wanting people to agree with you here, but the guy at the servo did the correct thing by refusing to manually over ride your card.

When you read through of the merchanat info you get from the bank, to a business, it advises a business, not to manually over ride a card that will not swipe.

After 12 years of managment in retail I have been requested, by westpac cards services, to cut up a persons card I would think about 5 times in front of them.

One that I can remember very clearly was on Christmas eve, a card would not read and I was advised (from the little number on my display) to contact the bank, and they requested that I cut up the card, and for ME to post it off to the bank.

As for him cutting up your card, if he got that little number on the display or had to call the bank then that is what the bank would have requested him to do.

Not really fair on anyone is it.

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