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Awww Daisy Big Hugs....

I too recommend you visit the web site given by Joy3. Relationships Australia are wonderful.

oh i forgot to mention... i gave him back his house keys and my wedding ring and engagement ring

Matey sorry to say but what were you thinking giving him back the wedding ring and engagement rings... I am in no way a gold digger or money hungry however matey you have 2 daughters by this man... in all honesty i feel that if you don't want to wear them then put them away for the girls... at the end of the day at some stage you must of loved this man to have 2 children to him... your daughters would want to know about your history and so on... who know's you may get back together...

Good luck

Are you trying to convince yourself he's cheating because then it would make your decision to leave that much easier??

Men sometimes just dont think when it comes to looking after the kids, if they dont have them round them 24/7 they dont understand the need for some much needed time out. Ring him tomorrow tell him youve made plans and take the girls to him for the day and if he wants to talk let him chase you for once.
Duffy - I gave em back to him cos a) i dont wanna wear a symbol of our love for each other if ther is no love there, adn b) seeing i dont wanna wear em, i dont wanna loose em being at my mums n living out of a suitcase iykwim. He can give em to the girls later in life if he likes.
Jas, I have no idea what to think.. Just wanted to say hope your doing okay, and the girls are too being away from home etc.

Perhaps staying in the house but in another room might be better for you 3 (you and the girls instead of being out and about and trekking back and forth to get things each day or so) in the meantime until you and DH can talk and see what's happening. It may work out that you and DH can resove any issues and have a big open chat, perhaps do some counselling and get things back the way they were, all the while keeping the kids more settled in the one place iykwim?

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i have absolutely no advise but i do have a great big hug and its coming your way.

i hope everything works out the way it should, whatever that mey be.
did you ring his mates house yet to see if he is there??

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i dont hav his mates number but i have ttried calling him n he wont answer
can you look him up on whitepages? do you know the suburb/town he lives in and his surname?

you should be able to find it if you have those details.

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UMMMM I would say you need to calm down. I wonder if he reacted that way over cheating because you have accused him so much over the years and been jealous a lot.

My dh accussed me for 3 yrs of maybe cheating and questioning etc. till one day I CRACKED it. To be honest it hurt that he accused me and hurt he didn't trust me. Now he has never mentioned it and never will unless I give him reason to.

I think you need to change you attitude and I think he does too. You both need counseling.

Also read this cool book Love and Respect it truly has saved my marriage and my issues were a whole lot bigger than what you have described.

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