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Since we still dont have a search button lmao Lock Rss

Thanks girls I think that will have to be the action plan.

M nope no antibiotics yet grrrrrrr so mad!!
I would get a pee sample, go to the dr with it, and get them to test it on the spot, that will give you an indication if there is any protien or any other nasties there, is there an odour in her urine?? Is it discolored?? Has she complained of pain while passing urine, and if you can answer yes to these, most dr wouold administer anti biotics whilst waiting for results.
Arielle was sick the same way and she was poped on antibiotics for a Viral infection. Had to stick a wee bag over her pee pee and it was soo dificult. The antibiotics also cleared it all up and I beleive the sample wasnt sufficient enough due the the anitbiotics...Maybe thats why he didnt put moo on any?? not sure.

Whats learning ladder??

Sorry if im not aloud to write in here just thought I would see if I could help.

Moo is toilet trained and I was able to get a sample in a proper jar. My doctor does not give antibiotics for a viral infection as they believe that antibiotics do not help a viral infection and they just have to run their course. I asked for a stick test last night and they wouldnt do it cos he had requested pathology for it. She hasnt really complained Sharon but she was holding her tummy yesterday which is unlike her.

Heleina Learning Ladder is a party plan that sells educational books and toys. I held a party a couple of weeks back and was fortunate enough to get over $200 worth of products for $37. This was one of the partys that booked through mine so I kinda felt obligated kwim??
Oh Nikki

Poor moo, how is she tonight??

is currently in NZ

Asleep Chelle thank goodness. Still has a temp but I am now thinking maybe just maybe my thermometer needs new batteries. I dont know it doesnt say it does and it was working fine yesterday and this morning but it appears as though Tys and I also have a temp and I feel fine so hmmmmmmmm. Will get new batteries in the morning and await the results.

She also has that sicky droopy eye thing they get but she is happy enough if that makes sense. Appetite still slight but she can be like that at the best of times.
poor little mite

Hope she's right tomorrow. Good sign that she is happy enough though!!

is currently in NZ

Thanks Mate me too
Does moo want to share my milky bar gasp)
Um Moo wont but I will lmao
I vote we melt it down and dip some of your bananas in it...mmmm yummy
HAHA No worries its a deal lol
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