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How to you bath a kitten? Lock Rss

you should be able to use a bit of baby wash on her. just incase only use a small amount. personally i would prob leave her claws be. she'll prob hate her bath though so look out! lol


Yeah, the kitten we got, I bathed in a bucket of warm water with just a couple of drops of baby shampoo. Does the kitten have fles? Because when I bathed ours, it was flea bitten and the bucket of water went completely red and so did her fur. I thought she was bleeding a lot but turned out it was flea dirt. (I hadn't seen it before.)

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with great care!

I decided a few years ago when I was in high school to bath my parents white cat,it had grease on it from sleeping under the car.

I popped her into the laundry trough with some nice shampoo....

I looked like I had been through a shredder after about 10 seconds!

She clawed the living sh.t out of me!

Needless to say the littel b.tch stayed dirty!!

Good luck steph!! Or make Liam do it! lol

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i bath my cats all the time, if u hold it by the scruff on the neck (wont hurt it thats how there mothers hold em) and just wt it then later it up with baby wash and rinse it off, dry it properly with a towel tho cos cats get cold really easy!!! good luck hope this helps
Or maybe put it in a laundry bag and set the washing machine to "delicate"? LMAO

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Posted by: Mummy2 3Girls
Or maybe put it in a laundry bag and set the washing machine to "delicate"? LMAO

then to fluff it up again steph, put sooty into the tumble dryer for oh say 30 mins, that should do the trick


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that could be interesting steph...bathing a cat lol. I know someone who tried bathing a cat and it was hillarius. The person had old rags taped around his arms to save getting scratched!

i wouldnt do it. id just get a wet cloth and wipe him over and a brush to brush the hair. never been game enough to wash a cat, i can just imagine the scratches. depending on how young the kitten is its more than likely able to clean himself up

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Steph I have bathed Sega since we got him at 8 weeks of age.... he now just sits there and loves it just warm soapy water and must dry kitten very well.... I normally sit Sega on the central heating duct and he loves it...

But must have kitten by the scruff of the neck.... you wont hurt it by holding it there
oh and dont give them milk, they are lactose intolerant. if you want it to have milk youll have to buy kittens milk from the pet food aisle

mum to one goregous boy

I agree with the others. We wash our kitties in baby wash and they smell lovely. I actually get in the bath with the cats though, so they aren't as scared. Don't worry, I wear bathers so it's not icky and stuff. The oldest one has been bathed so often she just sits there, but the little one still fights me tooth and nail to not have a bath.
Make sure you rub him dry really well, and don't use the hairdryer on him. LOL! It will burn his delicate skin. You don't need to clip his claws, they need sharp claws to climb on your furniture. lol.
If he sooks tonight about being on his ownsome, just put a clock radio near him and the noise will help. I'm so jealous. I'd love to get another kitten. But rules are rules and you can only have two cats per household. Sob sob.

Posted by: Katey G
I'm so jealous. I'd love to get another kitten. But rules are rules and you can only have two cats per household. Sob sob.

what state do you live in that has this rule? im so glad i dont live in that state i would not be able to survive... i have 2 at the moment and am looking for a third to replace my cat that died last year.

and back to the OP question, we wash our cats regularly but we use an excelpet brand for our cats which kills and prevents fleas if they have any (although with the amount of times we bath them this is very unlikely, but better to be safe than sorry) i normally enlist the help of DF he holds the cats by the back of their necks while i soap them up.

you can clip their claws of you wish we do only because they are indoor only cats and never go outside so i believe they wont need the use of their claws, but i take mine to the vet to get it professionally done. but if it is going outside mostly they will need their sharp claws for survival against other animals that are aggressive towards them.

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