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oh ok then I have no idea lol except to maybe restart the computer

Yup did that and nope still not there ARRRGGGGHHHHHH Thats it no more kids at the computer!!
nikki, if I get the gist of your thread, your taskbar across the very bottom of the page has disappeared??

If so, try this (well this works onmy putery, just tried it out)

go to the main menu for the putey, select 'control panel'

Go to 'appearance and themes'

then select 'taskbar and start menu'

tick the box 'keep taskbar ontop of other windows' and make sure the 'auto hide the taskbar' box is not ticked, hit apply and hopefully fingers crossed it works for you!

If not, take R's advice and kick it! lol

is currently in NZ

YAYA Chelle have I told you lately that I love you hehe
glad to be of assistance. smile

is currently in NZ

dont forget to try all the Fbuttons you know F1 F2 ect

Cheers Ness
Lol Ness I was doing that and I lost so much more and then had to remember which one I had pressed lmao. Kids hey who would let them play near the computer hehehe
does it appear when you drag the mouse down to the bottom of the page? if so - it's on auto hide.
If that's the case all you need to do is right click on it and then chose properties and then un-check "auto hide"
[Edited on 09/08/2008]
Nah it didnt I fixed it with what Chelle said but thanks for that.
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