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I have Lock Rss

A really really sore wrist and I dont know what I did to it gasp(

I thought you should all know

Cheers Ness
Owwwie! poor baby! Give it a kiss better... well it works for kids!

to much typeing on huggies lol

repetitive typing ness!
Bugger they beat me to gonna say too much typing
Nah its not typers cramp...had that before. It feels like a sprain but I dunno what I did??? Im such a numb nuts

I'm not calling you ....old.....but might be 'old age'
Crap when did 29 become old???
LMAO....I get 'pains' in my ankle....I blame old age at 26!! so yep....29 is old to me...also cause DH is that age so.....


Sorry hun
Awwwwwwwww poor Ness **kiss** better sad(]

It's not your mouse wrist is it? Mine gets sore sometimes from the angle I use my mouse at.

Ro if it was my mouse hand I would understand but its not its my left hand mmmmm aww well hopefully the kisses will help gasp)

Cheers Ness
If you were male I would most definately say you had been too busy by yourself! lol

Maybe you slept on it funny??

is currently in NZ

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