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Grey hair after birth? Rss

My DS is ten months now and I donno if its the sleepless night cos by bubs or stress or cos i got off the blackmore pregnancy vitamins but since after DS was born i started getting greys hairs i mean I'm only 20 isnt it abit too soon? like just in one months i got like another 2 and thats just the ones i can see in a mirror.

Did this happened to anyone? Im so embarrassed by it especially cos im only 20. Does anyone know any good remedies?

Kids will do that to you LOL! I think the only thing that will help is some hair dye
YEp im 20 and i have them to! But i dont really care anymore. I tell people and most laugh but stuff them! Im sure there is shi t on there body they arnt proud of but just dotn say it...

I used to have really dark hair. but i found when my regrouth grew out the gray stood out really bad against the dark so i went and had my hair heavily foild blond and it blends in my greys so so much better!! So from now im sticking with the lighter colours in my hair.

So if you dont already have lighter hair i would sujest going with some nice foils or something.

Good luck with it! Thankgod for hair die i say lol!

tell me about it i wanna dye my hair but its just annoy cos i get dark hair and hate keep dying it. i was planning to get foils underneath cos even when it grows i dont have to keep doing it.

it just sucks to have grey hair so young my mum reckon its cos i didnt get even sleep.

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