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Twin/Tandem/Double/Whateveryaliketocallit Prams...... Rss

I'm seriously looking into prams at the moment for a baby and a toddler, so a twin like one.
I love the old favourite, Phil&Teds Sport 4 in 1 in charcoal and also the First Wheels City Elite Twin in blue.

I was wondering if anyone here has them to give me their personal feedback or has been looking into them and knows where I can get a GOOD deal from?

Oh and if there's any prams anyone else can highly recommend me to get please feel free to add.

I've put this here as I KNOW I wont get much feedback else where and this is where most of the mums of subsequent babies usually hangout! smile

Thankyou! xo

I have a P & T and love it..

I'm still looking into all of this and still debating if it's the way to go for me... but I know the First Wheels one is new in Aust. I haven't found anywhere yet that has them in store (although I haven't looked that hard!). Have you found them in the shops at all?

You can also check out they have heaps and heaps of brands (some not in Aust) with descriptions and user reviews. They also have a forum where you can ask regulars q's about prams you're interested in.
I have the twin mountain buggy elite in blue and it is the best pram and worth the money.I love it and it get's used just about every single day.

I didn't like the design of the phil and teds twin.Not sure on the First wheels city elite.
I had my heart set on the MB until I saw the First Wheels one. I like that you can rearward face one of both of the seats so if the younger bub wants to face you they can while the older one looks out at the world around. But I'm just not sure if I want such a wide pram?!
I pretty much KNOW what I want, but no I haven't been out and about into shops yet, too early for all that! LOL!
I'm just researching on these 2 in particular, I know the forum I just wanted Hu&&ies Mummys opinions I guess and where a good deal is to be had, I found a great deal over in America, I just wish we could have deals like them, maybe we do somewhere? and I'm hoping that someone that knows see's this and can help me on it, I've looked through site after site but not doing the best at it, also for those that don't know, I'm in WA, so any shops with good deals down here would be great to know, cause if I get the Phil&Teds Double Sport I deffinately wants the bits and bob to go with it, but so far see myself spending over $1500 on it and can't see DF agreeing on that! Which is fair enough! smile

Yeah thats my thoughts at the moment, wide where they can both see out front if they want or slim so I can go practically wherever I want?? Arghh the descisions are tough!
Lucky I have a long time yet on this, but still????

Can't speak for brands, but from my experience:

The side-by-side prams (particularly the 3 wheel joggers) are too wide to get through most supermarket isles, let alone your smaller shops. I had to use the disabled isle all the time. And your jealous toddler can easily lean over and give bubby a bit of biffo (mine did anyway). On the plus side, they're great if you like to go for nice long brisk walks with bubs'.

The prams where the toddler seat is on top, I've seen (through Mums group) that they can tip over quite easily (I saw a toddler nearly topple one over with baby and toddler in it).

The tandum strollers (one in front of the other) they seem the best my most counts. Not so good if you want to go for a nice long walk though, but skinny enough not to cramp your shopping style. They're ugly but they're cheap.

However, as soon as my biggest started refusing to sit in a pram I bought a $20 umbrella stroller for my little one (at an age where he could sit up on his own).
Light weight and quick to chuck in and out of the car.

we have a twin and tandem for my toddler and baby, I prefer the tandem as Owen cant reach Noah and hurt him, and you can get in and out of the house.

when Noah is in the twin pram with Owen, Owen can grab at his face and Noah ends up hurt and crying.

I have a mountain buggy elite that i use for walking etc, as it's quite it's not the best to have to lift in and out the car, but i find it an Awesome pram.. I can fit in most shops and it's really easy to steer..
I also have a child care stroller which is also good. The seats recline so it suits a newborn and it fold fairly small.. (I find it harder to steer though as it has small wheels where the mountain buggy has big wheels and tends to turn smaller corners.
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