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I made my MIL cry.... Rss

We had a great day today... Spent most of it by ourselves, and went to MIL and SFIL (Step FIL) for dinner...

We exchanged gifts, and I had given her a Voucher for Bunnings for $50 (I got in trouble for making it out for this amount), and an Italian coffee hamper, and the last gift had a tag -
"From ALL the Grand kids",
she was assuming from my boys, anyway, when she opens it, and it is a set of glass coasters that have photos in them... ($5.00 From Big W) She started going through the pictures, seeing Cameron, then Lachlan then Alexander, and then she lifts Alexander's up, and for the next 3 coasters I have photo's of her 3 granddaughters as well - 2 of whom I have never met (A 13y.o, One turned 5 today, and the 3rd was 1 on Dec 20.)!

MIL started to cry, she remembered she sent me photos at about Easter time of my SIL's girls, these are the photo's of the girls that I used...

She said this was THE most meaningful and special gift that she had every received, then SFIL got all teary! HE is a real hard ar$e, but a lovable one!!

She then went and showed her mum, so my boys great grandmother, and Great Granny started to tear up as well...

I was really disappointed that I had run out of coloured ink, and printed the photos in B&W, but with the Silver boarder around the photo and the glass, they looked great!

Then SFIL opened his personal gift, and about 6 months ago I found some frames saying "My Grandpa Is a reely good catch" and they have fishing pics around them, so I put a photo of my boys in, and he gets all teary again....

I think I won some HUGE brownie points this year!!!
[Edited on 26/12/2007]
I don't think its about making 'brownie points' - I think its what you did - you included a part of their lives that seems to be missing - for that you get 'angels hugs'.

As for your SFIL - I think you might have captured a part of his heart that no other could - so yep more angel hugs for you.

*take a bow* - YEP YA DID GOOD!
How beautiful Ricki! That is so touching smile
We did the Big W coasters as well and got a very similar reaction - My MIL announced that they were 'the best present EVER!' and showed them to everyone. They thought I must have had them made professionaly and weren't they surprised when I just showed them the little pocket!

Well done Ricki, you touched their hearts smile

I must admit, I felt the love!!
oh wow ricki, thats so lovely smile

The thought that you put into those coasters obviously means so much to them

Love my boys M-10/05/08 J-01/12/09

I think it was more the fact that I had put my SIL girls in there, even though we have had no contact with her for 5 and a half years. I just thought it was nice, while she has 6 grand kids, to put them all in.... Cant do it next year, She will have 7 grandies!!

We still haven't told either of our families about the pregnancy yet.... just the Huggies family!
Ricki, you did beautifully! well done smile we did those snapfish calenders of cohen for both our parents and they loved them! Its just something so sentimental... nothing better to get for a present then that!

Well done sweets xxx
Thanks Denae,

I made Calendars last year, and I didnt want to do the same thing again.... I have a desktop one set up ready to print, but I haven't been able to find the right cartridge for my printer, so that I can print them in colour. Once I find the print cartridge I will print them out, and bind them, and send them off to the relatives.... Just hope I can get one int he next week or so....

Might be worth all you lovely ladies checking ot the frames/photo section of Big W and making a set for all the grandparents of your kids, they love it!
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