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what a tragic sad story Rss

hi everyone i have just read how a perth couple left their 2 yr old daughter in the car yest when it was 36c for about 2 hrs while they went and collected there other 2 girls and the poor little angel ended up dying what a terribly sad story,there excuse was that before they picked up there other girls they swapped cars got in another car and forgot the little girl was in the car and 2 hrs later realized she was missing,come on she was 2 how could u forget,what a tragic loss of that poor little angel.

belle/wa/2yrold boy

how the hell can you forget your child was in your car sleeping or not! That is disgusting!!!!

I feel sorry for the family loosing their child but i think they are friggen idiots at the same time!
How could you forget your own child??? These parents have to live with this for the rest of their lives.

It is a very sad story.
That is just so sad.
How the hell can you forget your child..

Thats just awful

Ethan 18/04/06 Hannah 13/04/07 Yep we were crazy a

How could you forget your own child???That's so sad and now the parents have to live with this for the rest of their lives how very sad.

Poor little bubby.I feel sorry for the other girls they have lost their baby sister.

It's a very very sad story.
I have to agree...
How on earth do you forget a Child?

That is a really sad story...
And those parents will NEVER have a happy Christmas and will feel awful about it for ever...
So sad. sad

That's so terrible. I can't believe how ppl could forget something like that. When I go out without DS I panic when he isn;t in the back seat and it takes me a minute to realise he's at home with DH.

I saw a thing on ACA a year or so ago when one of the presenters sat in a car on a hot day to see what would happen. Well this 40 y/o man was on the verge of passing out after 25 minutes and was dragged out of the car. He was treated later for severe heat exhaustion and dehydration. Now that's a grown man!!! Imagine a baby. The only good thing I could say about it (which actually isn't good at all) is that the babies this happens to are prob passed out long before they die so they wouldn't feel the pain. Still makes me so mad and I cry every time I hear it =(

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i cant even start to imagine (nor want to) what this little girl went through while she was in there...

lets hope she was asleep and dreaming of something nice like butterflys and flowers

It is beyond belief! The poor poor baby, what a tragedy. I have absolutely no idea how you could forget a child!

sleep peacefully little one,so sad
Some people are not fit to be parents and shouldn't have children.
This sort of stupidity makes me so mad, a poor little child had to pay the price of her parents forgetfulness.

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