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Today is GREAT! Rss

i am loving today! DS didnt get up until 1030am and was in a fantastic mood, had his bottle we played for a bit then went back to bed at 1130am nice and easily.

Just now 1pm i go in there to see him laying down talking away and laughing, he see's me sits him self up and starts laughing and talking to me!

Today is GREAT!
must be something in the air today loving it, my ds has been great today too! had a 2.5hr nap this morning, has just had lunch and is quite happy sitting there playing. if only every day was like today...
oh if it was it would be bliss lol

how lovely is it! dont you feel all relaxed and stress free! its fantastic!
Absolutely! im ordering a full time one of these next time round lol!
haha- i wish it was that easy!

so any plans for the day?
OMG i amhaving one of those days too!
DD1 got up at 7 (which is great for her)
DD2 got up at 8.20
then they played really well together, had lunch and are now back in bed!!!
nah! df has got the pram in the back of his car, so we're housebound today, wat about u?
and he is down for the 2nd time today- no problems. im starting to freak out lol

i might have a smoke then hang out the washing!
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