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Ok i know this is the wrong section, but u only get like 3 replies in the baby names section!

I need girls names!!!

Im due in 8 weeks n have NO IDEA what to call Bub! I cant say i want to have a name definately picked out for when she arrives, but i need some ideas!

If this helps, it has to go with OLIVIA (ie. not sound wierd when u yell out both their names!) lol!

Middles names will probably be: Rua Amira OR Rua Chanel, so somethign that works in with those names!

Mind u ill take any suggestions!!!!
I love Cassidy

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

Molly, hope, lilly, jade, bianca, charlie, grace.
I love

Ryder would have been Matia

Pronounced Ma tee ah

HOw many syllabals(sp) is your last name?
I always found that as mine is a 1 sylabal i needed a first name with two or more.
Chiara,Carly,Jessica,Ruby,Jaz,Lily and Emily
what about Jensey? (said like emerGENCY)

lol i Like Chiara, what does your last name end with? and how many syllabells (sp?)
I love...





Ummmmm, that's about it. I so wanted to name Trinity, Annabelle, but DF wanted to call her Lily. We couldn't agree so went with something entirely different.
our last name is boring.... HUDSON lol!

ps. sunshineblue, i cant call her Jaz! lol! thats my name!
karina, jacinta, imogen, cassidy, Carlina, Justine, Jackie, the list goes on. oh i love the names Shaynee or Shanae. i wasnt allowed them. DP said so

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