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when do you step in? bullies at park Rss

Yesterday DS (nearly 3) was running round the park with a stick, not going near the other kids, just running round. some older kids 3-4 years old set upon him and so I stepped in and told them to lay off him, and took him home... should I have let him sort it out for himself, or was it right to step in? I want him to be able to defend himself, but I was overwhealmed by my protective instinct.
im the same as you, i have stepped in because as a mum you just want to protect your kids and i think its just a natural reaction. i think as they get older sometimes you just have to wait and see how they handle it on their own first. its hard though
I would've let them go for a minute, but if it was really serious, then no way - I'd be telling those little buggers to bugger off!
It's all well and good to want your kids to be able to stand up for themselves, but it doesn't hurt for you as the parent to step in and tell other kids when enough is enough, IYKWIM?
If someone is being a bit of a bully with DD I let it go for a little bit, but if it continues and she's getting distressed, then I definitely tell the offending kid that they're not allowed to treat other people like that..
I was so torn about what to say to them too - their mum's were seemingly oblivious, but I watch DS all the time and would step in right away if he set upon another kid!
If it was only one child bullying I would have left my child for a minute but kept a close eye and ear on what was going on and stepped in when they weren't coping. If it was more than 1 child bullying then that is essentially a gang and I would have stepped in straight away and scared the little buggers off.
when parents are oblivious to what their kids are doing drives me crazy. im like you, if it was my kid doing the picking on they wouldnt be getting away with it.
I hate it when parents have no idea that their kid is bullying another one!
Hello - as a parent you should be watching your child at all times!
If my DD even looked like she was going to bully another kid, she'd be removed from the situation straight away.
Well - it was 4 against one, so I stepped in pretty quick, but yeah - I think it is a good idea to sit back a little if it is one on one! Thank you!

Victoria xx
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