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Just stopped crying Rss

I have had my neice over since 9 this morning and she has just stopped crying. oh my god what a long day it has been so far. it makes me think alot about if i could handle another baby. She has been brought up in a pretty rough environment-physical violence and verbal abuse. she sees and hears it all the time and this is why she crys all the time. her parents just don't see or care about how they are affecting their children. at least at the end of the day i know my child is in a happy and safe environment.
You poor thing! And that poor child!
How anyone could do that to their own kids is beyond me.
Why have a child if you can't love them and do absolutely everything within your power to protect them.
Makes me so sad...
Why is she still with that family if she sees and possible experiences all this abuse???
God it hurts to see a little one in so much pain!!! i could cry with her and you.

Actually, i know this sounds odd but its both ways they both are very violent with each other. I've been there when she has walked up to him and punched him in the face for no reason.-she drinks alot. ALOT. and he's no better i can honestly say that they are as bad as one another. As for the kids she doesn't give one f**k about them. i don't know what goes on during the day but he comes home and makes them lunch and goes back to work, comes home cooks tea baths the kids because she just sleeps all day and the goes to bed gets up during the night if needed because thats "her time" and then he gets up in the morning and goes to work. The whole relationship is abnormal. as long as it doesn't affect my family i just stay out of it
I understand that you don't want to get involved, but if the kids are being neglected during the day when their father isn't there to look after them (sounds like he's the only one who does) then surely the authorities need to be alerted??
What happens if one of the kids wanders out the front alone while she's doing whatever and something terrible happens to them?
I don't want to sound like I'm passing judgement, but if I knew something like this was going on, then I would seek help for the kids..
Poor lil bub and poor you!!How's the head??

Why would they want to do that to any child is beyond me.Why bring children into this world if you haven't got the love they need...It makes me so sad to hear storys like this.
No, thats find i understand where u are coming from-trust me i do. the thing is the authorities are aware but because they have arranged visits she puts on this big act when they come and they are none the wiser. i don't know how she gets away with it.
Tell em to spring a surprise visit on her!
Or write in and tell them in writing what goes on.
With all the tragic things happening to kids lately, and all the stuff about DOCS it's tragic that more can't be done sad
Im fine shes just listerning to baby chat cd and she seems to like it. She has calmed down thats for sure. the truth is i use to get so upset over the situation i still do now and then but i have to focus on my son. it gets to me because i don't understand why she would have all these children if she didn't care and i have 1 so wanted child and couldn't imagine doing any of what they do.
i totally agree jennaLJ, someone should be doing something for those poor kids. they didnt get asked to be born in such an appalling environment, makes me sick.
Neighbours family and friends have all made complaints but because they havn't seen anything going on there is nothing they can do. they have to see it first hand or have evidence to support the "allegations". surprise visits she just doesn't anwser the door.
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