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Seizures and Heart Murmurs Rss

I had to go to the Pead today as my 6mth old daughter has had two seizures, the first when she was five months old. The pead found out she has a heart murmur and has orders and ECG, and a ultrasound of her brain through the fontanal. this along with taking bloods and a urine sample and she has already had a EEG.

I am so worried about my baby. I have just been reading up on the net becuase I think the pead suspects that she has a hole in her heart. But still no idea what is causeing the seizures.

I am so very worried and we live out of the major centre and everytime something is wrong we have to fly in to town, on top of everything else.
What can I do?
I was wondering when you were seeing someone. Sorry to hear there is a murmur.

Hopefully they can work out what is going on, but I suspect if it was an 'emergency' they wouldn't have stuffed around sending you home, she would've been put straight in hossy or sent to the WCH down here (I'm assuming Darwin doesn't cater for bubs - friends of ours had to come to WCH in Adelaide for procedures).

Goodluck with the results, when should you get them?

Oh & stop googling, it'll make you worry more.
Ring the paed tomorrow if you have any concerns, they should at least answer questions. Write some down, so you don't forget.
firstly try not to stress to much, easier said then done...
then I dunno sorry mate! how soon can you get into get the tests done?
Maybe contact the pead again or doc or child youth nurse and make a list of all the questions you need to ask and do so...
Sorry mate I know that prob not what you needed to hear.
Hopefully there is a mum out here that has gone through the same and can offer you some advice.
In saying that we recently went through the whole murmer stuff and was told it is quite often that murmers are heard in young babies as their chests are so thin its easy to hear them. Lucky for us it turned out to be innocent, was just normal heart noise so I hope the same is for your bub.
Again sorry this hasnt been much help, I wish you well though!

Thanks teapot.
Googleing has kinda helped, because i think if it was too serious there would be more symptoms(the heart murmur) but she hasnt got the faintest as to what is causeing the seizures.
my FIL was going to call the pead today to get her to tell him what she thinks is going on, but he was in surgery most of the day so i dont know if he got aroudn to it.

I know if it was super urgent i would have been booked into hospital and it would be checked already but i cant help worrying.
PLus I am meant to be flying home on friday at 6am but i had to make a 12.30pm app for the ultrasound! so frustrating!
emilysmum - did you get an ECG done? i am a bit curious, because i was reading that they murmurs have different "noises" and thats why some things are treated differently?
So where are you Shales? ATM I mean. Obviously staying metro somewhere.

Your FIL is a doc I recall, yes, good idea, get him to clear it up for you and find out what they're thinking. Docs talk to docs, but some are reluctant to pass info onto parents.
no they know him personally.
Well hopefully you can find out more then.
I hope so, i am on the phone to hubby now.
i am staying at mum n dads
my eldest son has a murmur in his heart, the dictor heard it when he was 9 weeks old and he had to get the ultrasound done at 3 months along with x rays. they also thought it was a hole in his heart but he is fine, they couldnt see anything wrong and he still has the murmur though its fading (he's almost 4) i was told if he still has it by school age he will need another ultrasound.
the doc said he thinks its just a musical murmur.
i have been told a sign of heart problem is blue lips. especialy if they have been running around. (though unless you have a super baby she wouldnt be doing that

not sure about the seizures though, do you have family with epilepsy?

good luck i hope everything is ok and managable.
oh and i was told that if the hole doesnt close by a certain age then it can be operated on. but cant remember the age.
We went to the appointment to get the ultrasound n the ECG done but she just cracked it so we had to make another appointment and go to the WCH in adelaide (we live in SA) as they are better equipped to handle youngsters n that sort of thing (which they were fantastic) the end we only ended up having the ultrasound done cos they said she had a strong healthy heart. said they didnt need to do the ECG (?)
I was worried when I first was told of the murmer, they asked me if she was out of breath alot, did she get blue lips etc and then I started to "see" these symptoms so I went to my pead who made me feel better. and he explained the type of murmer he thought it was.
I am sure if they thought the murmer or anything was more serious they would be doing the test was 6 months between the finding of my DD murmer to the tests...
try not to google too much, you might freak yourself out more...
Prob better to write down your questions and find someone who can answer them..

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