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"immune" to the rubelle injection?

The other thread about immunising made me remember something. When I was pregnant with DD1, my first lot of blood tests came back saying I was not immune to Rubella although I was sure I had it when I was 15 or something. You can't get it while you are preggas so they gave it to me as soon as DD1 was born.

When she was 14 months I fell pregnant again and had the test and AGAIN it came up that I wasn't immune to Rubella so same thing, had it for the third time after DD2. I guess it's no surprise that I wasn't immune when I became pregnant with DD3 only 3 months later so I told them not to worry about giving it to me again.

The Doctor told me that some women's bodies don't hold it, it fights it completely off. I never knew that, is anyone else the same?
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no blood tests have shown me to be immune- have had german measles and also the vaccination at least once

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

that's interesting - I always thought once you had the vaccination or the condition you were immune - you learn something new every day.

I had my vaccine when I was 12 so far at 37 I'm still immune with the yearly blood test checkup I get every year.
never had the injection. got the highest immunity to it that i can get

me me me!!

my blood results came back saying i wasnt immune to rubella and i no i got the needle..
yet when i was pregnant with DS i was immune to it
strange how things work

I had greman measles when i was little had the vaccine and all ewas good till I had #4 my immune levels were low i had a booster then it happened again with my new baby. So i had another booster 10 years after the last one.

I can understand it weraing off after a few years but a few months? Weird I think, luckily I never caught the disease while pregnant.

Funny story, DD2 was tested for Chicken Pox when she was only 3 weeks old as she was in Hospital and another baby in the ICU got it. The test actually came back saying she was immune already! She had a few blood transfusions when she was only a week old so they said the anti-bodies were in the blood she received. Cool huh?!

3 Gorgeous Girls!

I had the rubella shot when i was 15 or so, then when i was pregnant with dd#1 my boods came back saying my rubella was only at 26 when it should be about 40. I had the shot again after dd was born. I had my bloods done last Thursday for this pregnancy, so it will be interesting to see what my rubella comes back as.
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