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17 young women a week.... Rss

are having adverse reactions to the cervical cancer vaccine Gardasil according to the Sunrise program this morning. Why, as women and mums, are we allowing this to occur? If the vaccine only protects against 3 or 4 strains of wart virus out of 60 and pap smears are still required, why are women doing this to themselves and their girls?
You have stated in one of your earlier posts you do not vacinate your children, and that is your personal choice.

As is it the personal choice for people to go and have the cerv cancer vaccine.

17 young women out of how many thousand and thousands who have had the vaccine?
Every vaccine and medicine has a percentage of people who react to it.

You have to look at the fact that there are 100,000s of women being vaccinated in a short period of time (pretty much the entire female population from 13-26) so with high numbers being vaccinated you are going to get a high rate of reaction

It would be the same if you suddenly decided to vaccinate the entire country against the flu or something.

The reactions will be less "significant' with time as only a small portion of the population each year get vaccinated.

Surely its better to protect against what you can. It would be like chosing not to vaccinate your babys...and they all usualy have some sort of reaction to their vaccinations.
u are missing the point with vaccines too, they are design to help rid the worl for that particualr "bug" how do u think they got polio down so low, now it is rare around here for someone to get it, that is thanks to vaccines. even if it is only 4 strains the cervical cancer shot is working for, if 99% of females have the vacine in years to come the spread of that disease will be much much lower
What is the adverse reaction? It'd have to be pretty damn bad to stop me from wanting to vaccinate against cervical cancer, even if it's only a small measure. Anything that lowers your chances of that horrid horrid disease is good by me. Is the reaction worse than cancer, worse than chemotherapy?

Plus I agree with the post above (sorry don't know how to do the little (c) and silly me I don't know you name yet!), 17 women out of thousands....seems pretty insignificant to me. But each to their own.
they were saying the affects are seizures, fainting and somethinmg else (and maybe deaths overseas). They wont release details...but I would think if they posed a serious health risk the vaccine would be pulled

I still don't see the point if women still require pap smears. Has anyone looked at the ingredients listing before having the vaccine? Has anyone looked at studies on the vaccines effectiveness, short and long term? Does anyone know how many billions the pharmaceutical company will make from this vaccine? Why does nobody else question these things?
All vaccines are full of chemicals..thats just the way it is.

And as to effective ness, they test that prior to release on the market...and while I haven't looked into it, surely anything that reduces your chances of getting cancer is worth while.
as I said inmy post to you before, it's a matter of personal choice. That is why people decide to have the vaccine or not.
If it protects even against at least 1 strain, then surely that is better than no coverage from the vaccine at all. Or should everyone just sit around and do nothing and just wait to get cancer then say, oh sh.t, maybe I should have had the vaccine after all. The simple side effects are far less to endure than rounds and rounds of chemo, biopsies of the cervix, radiation therapy etc.

And you never answered my question, 17 young women out of how mnay thousands and thousands???
Yeah women still have to go for the pap smear, but the smear is now less likely to show that you have developed cancer!
The vaccine might not protect against all strains but it protects against the ones that cause 70% of cancer, and the viruses that cause 90% of the stats are what you make of can say but it only protects agains 16 strains blah blah blah...i would love to have it if it was free for everyone
I am with the other ladies on this one. WHY do we put our girls through this because it is a risk worth taking anything to lessen the effects of getting cancer is something that I will be getting for my girls and i wish that i wasn't to old or i would have gotten it for myself instead of now having to wait for more test results that may or may not be the start of cervical cancer for me.
I would not want to see them suffer the effects of cancer and chemo etc.
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