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I have just connected to optus they have a great deal. $69 a month and that includes internet and home phone, free local calls, free national calls and free to optus mobiles. i think its great and there are no line rentals or excess usage fees.
@Jasmyn, be careful of iprimus, we just got away from them we weren't happy and as soon as our contract was up we shifted. We pay about $80 - $90 a month through aanet for phone and internet and we get 16gb dl. There are heaps of ISP's out there, it pays to shop around.

Thanks for that, i dont really like iprimus cos our internet is so slow even tho its broadband it feels like dialup!

Our contract expires in 3 weeks n im hunting around for another ISP... the only reason we are with primus is cos my mum had it first adn moved out of her house and in with her DH and she transfered the connection to here!
Thank goodness its almost over tho!

Anyone know any good ones that are about the same price ($100 or less) for around 5Gig adsl downloads and home phone bundled?

I'm with telstra. Home phone plan is $30 a month with 50 free local calls. we have a block against mobiles and std's. internet is $35 at the moment but ends after 12 months and goes to $70. We spend $100 a fortnight on groceries. we buy just fruits, vegies, milk and juice etc with that $100. DF doesn't like bikkies anything like that so we don't get snacks sad he's no fun. Meat we buy in bulk and spend about $50-$75 a month from the butcher, buying a rump which get's sliced up and a few kilos of chicken
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We have optus fusion so we get 7GB of dl with optus cable and all our home calls are included, but we barred mobile calls from out house phone and use prepaid mobiles instead. For 7GB we pay $89 a month. You can get the 2GB and it costs $69 with all your calls as well.
When we were with telstra we paid like $80-90 a month for our internet and then about $80+ on our phone bill (it was almost $60 before we had even made a phone call!!!) Optus cable is actually really fast and it is such a better deal than telstra.
I am with Testra broadband and it's $59.95 per month with 10gb of downloads. My home phone comes seperately and with my mobile bill combined on it, it's about $80 per month, get 125 free local calls.

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I'm with Optus and I get 20gb of net, unlimited local and STD calls and free calls to optus mobiles. It's $100 a month.
thats it if you cant afford it then why get it!!
we have all lived off 2 min noodles and frozen milk(love that if it has flavouring and is really icy) and those were the days.

anyway in the your babys family section for anyones info there is a section for 'MANAGING YOUR FAMILYS BUDGET' if anyone has suggestions for or needing suggestions for saving money or making ends meet.

i was called ballo!

well you know you live in a hole of a town when optus doesnt even service your area!

hmmmm ive checked out a few isp's and i think optus looks best... the broadband and homephone cap thing for $89 a month with unlimited calls... have to see what hubby thinks!
Posted by: lil_emma
well you know you live in a hole of a town when optus doesnt even service your area!

lil emma,

does this mean where you live optus doesnt service your area or does it mean this is a general statement at attacking someone when no one has had a go at you?

please dont take any offence to this as it is a general question on where this statment just came from.

i was called ballo!

i just want to make sure im not interpreting this the wrong way

i was called ballo!

We are on $59.95 a month with TPG and we get 30Gb a month ADSL2.

Our phone bill is about $80 a month at the most (i don't have a lot of friends)
we do $150-$170 a week in shopping (inclusive of wipes and formula's)
and about $40 a week for 2 cars petrol.

i also have my gym fees with fernwood $ 44 a week
and rent is $138.00 a fortnight ( yes i am a scummo who lives in Public Housing) ahahahah jokes about the scummo

we survive on $2200 a fortnight.

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