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Anyone got there Hampers Yet? Rss

Has anyone got there Chrisco/castle/hamperking hampers yet? If so what do you think?
my mum gets hers on the 10th dec...then i go over n see what i can score out of it lol


I get mine on the 30th Nov

counting the days Yah



1 baby james 28.10.05.

I am really disappointed in Hamper King, they aren't delivering mine until the 8th Dec! I want it now!

Last year Castle delivered on Dec 1
Year before, Castle delivered Nov 20.

I am so damn impatient!!!
Mine turned up last Thursday, both Castle and Chrisco were delivered together but I was unhappy as they didn't bring any of my frozen hampers, they had stuffed the orders for this area so we were all missing boxes, then they ended up delivering all the frozen hampers on Sunday, only Castle had rung me to tell me it was coming on Sunday so someone could be home, Chrisco never rang so lucky I had to be home for Castle. Wasn't happy with their service and have sent them a complaint letter telling them so, as I've been doing them for 5yrs and never had such crap service before.

Mine was supposed to be here on Tuesday(13th)!! They rang Sunday(11th) and told us there was a delivery problem so it would be here Saturday(17th)!!!

I rang and complained on Monday(12th), why should i have to be home all day 7am - 7pm Saturday when i had already cleary all day Tuesday. They didnt care and basically said too bad!!!

On Tuesday (original del day) at 6.45pm i got a phone call to say delivery has to be changed again. I yelled!!!!

Anyway she was ringing about Tuesdays delivery not Sat!! I thought it was a bit late to be cancelling with 15 minutes left of 12 hours! In the end as im hanging up she said so hopefully we will see you on Saturday!!!

If i stay home all day tomorrow (sat) and no one turns up.....

Ill let you know when it arrives!

I have already started payments for next year which is lucky for them otherwise i would not be re doing it!!


Oh Amy sounds like the same problems we have been having over here with our deliveries, everyone is really annoyed with them as alot of us didn't even receive a phone call to say we were going to be missing boxes even though they knew we were. So really bad on their part.
I also have been paying future payments for next years order but I'm thinking I might even ask for it all back and not re order again with them see if they answer my complaint.

Mine's coming on the 26th. I'm so excited!

Hayley where do you live? Im in Perth and i know they sub contract the deliveries over here. I dont know anyone else that gets deliveries near me to know if others have had the same problem.

When they rang on Sunday they left a message with my hubby to say they were not coming i thought it was a hoax, thats why i rang on Monday! I tried to ring tonight but their recorded message answered! saying you can only ring Sydney time Mon - Fri 8am - 5pm and Sat 8.30 - 12 noon.

Last year was perfect no hassles at all! I remember they came at 6.50pm i didnt think they were coming!!! We had so much FUN opening all the boxes. I am still using some of the stuff from them!


Well we are getting ours on Monday and I hope they do not stuff me around as I have organised the day off ( which was hard enough)

I have a freind who lives in a remote suburb and they are sending via courier her food hampers on the 30th Nov but her toy stuff on the 19th Dec , why???? Two Trips , 2 days she has to stay home and she runs the risk of delivery problems being where she is so she is worried about not receiving all the gifts for her girls.

Stupid if you ask me
mine are getting delivered today WOOOHOO im so excited

Amy I'm in Southern NSW (Country Area) and my hampers were also brought out by a private courier and they were the ones that told me that Chrisco and Castle had stuffed up for my whole area and as far as they knew they would be delivering the remaining boxes that were missing last Sunday. Now when I said this to both companies they are like NO we aren't delivering on Sunday someone will phone to let you know when, well I only got the phone call from Castle saying they were going to deliver the Sunday and I received the call just 2 days before but Chrisco never bothered to even ring. So it was all a bit slack of them.
Wonder if they will reply to my complaint I put it all in writing via email, I'll wait a couple of weeks and if no reply I'll send another.
Hope nobody else gets stuffed up as its quite disappointing and to stay home again on another day is not always easy especially since they give you such a huge time frame of when they might come.

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